Three tracks that need to be listened. Three tracks “buzzzing”. Hand-picked by Last Day Deaf for you…

Artist: Alberta

Track: ‘Parlour’

Genre: indie rock, blues, rock n’ roll

Imagine yourself in an old bar (on the wild side of town), full of smoke with this track on, & Tom Waits frantically smoking in the corner; Alberta come from U.S.A. and ‘Parlour‘ is the ideal soundtrack, a bluesy, soulful, rock n’ roll tune, that will haunt your nights and make you whisper its lyrics the next morning. This is a true gem, for all lovers of modern blues/rn’r/soul blend. Riveting!

Artist: LUCIA

Track: ‘Summertime‘ 

Genre: indie rock

Glaswegian indie rock four-piece LUCIA simply strike gold with the track ‘Summertime‘. 3 minutes of indie blissfulness that will make your ‘dayzz’ brighter even in the middle of the Autumn. This gem was produced by Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, Adele) and mixed by Craig Silvey (Arcade Fire, Florence).

Summertime‘ is released on Sweet Jane Recordings.

Front woman Lucia Fairfull explains,‘Summertime’ was influenced by classic love films and my years as a teenager. It comes across as a happy bubble-gum dream pop song showing my love 60s girl groups like ‘The Ronettes’ and ‘Lesley Gore’, but the lyrics portray a more dark and grunge story of summer flings ending in broken hearts.” Adding: “People are going to get a surprise when they hear new music because we have stepped things up further now. The new single is a proper summer track. It’s simple, classic and upbeat. It’s the most dreamy song on the EP for drinking in the park with your pals.”

Artist: Mirah

Track: ‘Lighthouse‘ 

Genre: indie, folk

Lighthouse‘ is taken off Mirah‘s 6th full-length solo record, ‘Understanding’ (Absolute Magnitude Recordings) and is a magnifying indie pop track with folk elements, and smooth electronic finishing touches. Mirah’s vocals once again mark the singer’s most compelling expression to date…Til the next one! Another step forward for Mirah.

Mirah says of the track, “This song is about the experience of immersing myself in a new place while also missing home. I wrote and recorded the basic tracks for Lighthouse while I was at a residency at Headlands Center for the Arts outside of San Francisco. I loved it there immediately. The landscape was so expansive, the hilltops I could climb to look out at the water. There was a solitude and focus that I could plug right into. I’d said goodbye to my partner for a month, and both of us were feeling pretty confident about having each of our independent creative months, and not worried about missing each other too badly. But even though I was elated to be there, and got right to work, this song happened pretty early in the month- meaning I started missing my partner right away! The Headlands is located in a former army barracks in Marin, and my studio was in the gymnasium- a beautiful huge old building with a two lane manual-set bowling alley in the basement. I biked into the city to get myself a disco ball and I would move it around to different spots in my studio to catch the sun at different angles throughout the day. It was pretty magical. I would go hiking and running and biking all around the area, and there was abandoned military infrastructure everywhere, there was literally not a single hilltop without some vestige of military infrastructure— a battery, lookout, or hideaway dug into the land. It was stormy a lot in those first weeks, gusts of wild rains, eucalyptus trees creaking with the wind. I went for a run to the lighthouse in the pouring rain but the entrance was locked. I was like, is this thing on!? Every time I play this song I can see my time there so vividly, and feel that sweet feeling of longing for the home that I know is waiting for me.”

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Curated by: Christos Doukakis