This is a “free pass”, so get on the Indie-Coaster for a 15-track ride of indiepop, jangle pop, psych, alternative, indie electro & indie rock!

Artist: Luke Top

Track: ‘I’ve Been Workin”

The 5th Indie-Coaster round starts in the best way: Born in Tel Aviv, Israel and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Luke Top sounds like one of the best kept indie secrets around. ‘I’ve Been Workin’‘ is an addictive, ultra-catchy tune with eclectic synths & sound samples based on a sunshine-y, indie-pop/psych  melody that will blow you away. This is music we should listen everyday, my friends; This is an absolute gem like an undiscovered 60’s pop band getting in the time capsule sluiced out today. But, what am I trying to describe? Just press the play button & you’ll hear for yourselves!

Artist: Kate Boothman

Track: ‘God Willing’

Now this is some alternative rock with great attitude, by Kate Boothman, an invited opener for established songwriting talents like Blue Rodeo, Wilco, Joe Pernice (The Pernice Brothers), Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star), and Kathleen Edwards. ‘God Willing‘ is a flawless alternative rock song ideal for dancing, daytrippin’ & night drives. Reminded me a lot of the gold 90’s era & this is a serious asset.

God Willing is a song about retreating to the country where life is quiet. And then meeting a man who lives in the fast lane.” – Kate Boothman

Artist: SUiT

Track: ‘Kings & Queens’

SUiT is an alternative rock outfit from Amsterdam and Mannheim, and ‘Kings & Queens‘ is their recent, highly artistic video (scripted & directed by Lex Brown and Sven Münstermann). The band combines elements by alternative legends like Arctic Monkeys & Queens Of The Stone Age in this one, plus they maintain their own unique musicality, with the valuable aid of their charismatic singer. Looking forward to their Christmas EP… The best X-mas present!

Artist: Kramies

Track: ‘The Hill Dweller’

Wow, this is pure awesome…. “Now I’m home, now I’m homeKramies sings repeatedly near the end of this 2-minute magniificent indie-folk gem that even Grandaddy haven’t managed to unleash its nostalgic mood. Captured while residing in an old Irish castle, and recorded with producers Jason Lytle of Grandaddy, Todd Tobias of Guided By Voices and Jerry Becker of Train, ‘The Hill Dweller‘ is one of 2018’s most captivating tracks, if not moments. Thank you!

Artist: Cautious Clay

Track: ‘Crowned’

Crowned‘ is a surprisingly indie electro track that could easily be characterized as future soul. Taken from Cautious Clay‘s ‘RESONANCE EP‘ this one promises a soothing sound with mild electronic samples and above all a voice, that could be the best sedative after a hard-working day. Great!

Artist: 100 Year Party Court

Track: ‘Sunrise Honey’

Now this is a cool band name. But cooler is the music & in particular ‘Sunrise Honey‘, a moog-driven indie rock track like Stereolab-jammin’-with-Broadcast thing. Since, this is unfortunately quite impossible, New Yorkers 100 Year Party Court are here to stimulate our wildest indie dreams, so pump the volume up and enjoy the ride!

Artist: ATM

Track: ‘Stay’

It’s high time for some Swedish indie-pop elegance. ATM‘s ‘Stay‘ is sounding like the best out-of-orbit indie-pop track written by earthlings. Or maybe the other way around? Whatever it is, wear your space-suit and let yourselves loose on the experienced hands of Henrik Jonzon and Per Eklund, aka ATM. Sublime. The future is now.

Artist: Cambriana

Track: ‘Manaus’

Brazilian art-rockers Cambriana are an unmatched creative force, that unleash unclassified sound treasures like the 7-minute masterpiece ‘Manaus‘, that astutely mix art-rock, psychedelic, world, folk, experimental and I could go on and on. Only few artists are capable of achieving such a unique sound like these “whacky Da-Silvas” conceive.

Taken off their latest offering ‘Manaus Vidaloka‘. I bet the always reliable British avant garde music magazine The Wire, will include this one among the best 2018’s releases.

Artist: Temples of Youth

Track: ‘Slow Burn’

Temples of Youth are Jo Carson and Paul Gumma from Winchester and their sound is described as ‘twilight hours pop‘. Well, ‘Slow Burn‘, the 2nd single from the duo’s EP ‘Darker Places‘ (dropping within this month) is an addictive, indie rock track with cinematic synths and a passionate performance by Jo. A highly-listenable experience.

Artist: Katmaz

Track: ‘Each Other’

Trippy, cinematic & stylish: These 3 words first come up to my mind, while listening to ‘Each Other‘ by Katmaz. A fine example of indie electro and experimentation, in the appropriate dosage.

Make sure you check out ‘Tremolo Love‘ EP, since this groundbreaking gem comes from this release.

Artist: Simon Lynge

Track: ‘Age Of Distraction’

Simon Lynge is an acclaimed Greenlandic/Scandinavian singer-songwriter, and ‘Age Of Distraction‘ (from ‘Deep Snow‘ out November 23rd) is an almost ‘fragile’ indie-folk tune, with some of the most to-the-point lyrics I’ve heard in a while. Counting backwards for ‘Deep Snow‘ (recorded in a secluded cottage in the green hills of Wales and in the eclectic atmosphere of London’s Narcissus Studios).

I just wanted to acknowledge the underlying anxiety of existence in this age and the longing for connection that I believe is so pervasive in modern humans,” explains Lynge. “We have instant access to information, but our knowledge of the source of a meaningful life is at an all-time low. We look out of our eyes and forget to observe with our heart.”

Artist: Jet Black

Track: ‘All Is Wrong’

Of course not ‘all is wrong‘ with tunes like Jet Black‘s ‘All Is Wrong‘! Coming from Quebec City, Canada, this band plays straightforward indie rock with shoegaze elements,  bringing in mind 90’s acts like Swervedriver.  A great crescendo unfolds in the last minute. Cathartic.

This one is from the band’s 3rd record ‘L’Ère du Vide‘.

Artist: Gringo Star

Track: ‘Back To The City’

Atlanta quartet—brothers Peter [vocals, guitar, keys, percussion] and Nick Furgiule [vocals, bass, guitar, percussion], Josh Longino [guitar, bass], and Mario Colangelo [drums] are Gringo Star, and ‘Back To The City‘ is an excellent sample from their self-titled, 5th album out on Nevado Music. Highly-recommended if you love psychedelic rock and acts like The Black Keys.

This is what the group stated about the song: “Of all the songs on the album, this one felt the most collaborative,” the band’s multi-instrumentalist Nick Furgiule says. “Pete was jamming this drum beat, and I just started playing the chords to fit what he was drumming.“ Bandmate (and Nick’s brother) Pete Furgiule adds, “We thought it was a really suiting title for the current culture we live in. There’s been a huge ‘migration’ in U.S. cities from the suburbs back to the city.”

Artist: Coyle Girelli

Track: ‘Love Kills’

Imagine Phil Spector getting involved with alt-americana, and you may get what’s going on with this emotional banger. Grandiose, orchestral alt-americana, ear melting gem. And yes, ‘Love Kills‘ by Coyle Girelli (The Chevin frontman) is here to be your soundtrack for those heartbroken periods we all aim(?) to go through..

Masterpiece! Worth falling in love again & again…

Artist: Chloe Lilac

Track: ‘Summer’

Brooklyn native singer/song-writer Chloe Lilac sounds superbly fresh on the indie pop gem ‘Summer‘. Marijuana cigs combined with Obama and Nirvana? This lady has talent (and great sense of humor apparently!), and this”broken” piano near the end is simply ear-melting. Joyful, playful n’ 100% witty!

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