Artist: ROXY JULES Album: ‘ROXY JULES IV’ Release: October 5
Label: Nordic Music – NMS

The 5th of October the electronic noise rock project ROXY JULES marked the release of the fourth album, ‘ROXY JULES IV’. The first two singles “May The Bridges I Burn Light The Way” and “Fractured Bones” have already been released. And the third single “Come Away With Me” is out now. Like the three earlier albums “ROXY JULES IV” is not an easy listening album – that was never the point of ROXY JULES’ music, which always challenges the listeners with musical complexity. Noise is a very important part of the music. In all the songs you hear noise somewhere. Sometimes it is just dancing quiet in the background, sometimes it grows into loud and confronting noise – but no matter what it is always there somewhere.

The best way to describe ROXY JULES is that it is balancing on a knife edge between something very fragile and porous and something very noisy and confronting. The songs are revolving around distorted guitars, electronic drums, eerie keys and Julie Runa’s intriguing vocal and lyrics.

The lyrics are moving back and forth between fiction and Julie Runa’s own life and thoughts – and then there is quite a few sentences with roots in scientific topics that have found their way into the lyrics throughout the album cause these topics interests Runa a lot. “I like the way the sentences all of a sudden get an extra dimension when you combine words about your own life, the lives around you and the lives you imagine someone is living with descriptions of interplanetary dust particles, black holes, fractured bones and straight lines disappearing into eternity”, Julie Runa says.

Behind the name ROXY JULES you find Danish musician, singer and composer Julie Runa. The debut album simply called ‘ROXY JULES’ was released in 2011, the follow-up ‘ROXY JULES II’ in 2013 and ‘ROXY JULES III’ in 2016. All the albums have been very well reviewed and ROXY JULES has been compared to bands like The Knife, Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine – and has been described as a love child of The Kills and PJ Harvey.

“ROXY JULES III” received 5/6 stars in the biggest Danish music magazine GAFFA who wrote:

“We needed acts like ROXY JULES at the Danish music scene: a courageous woman who is not afraid of saying ugly things and being gloomy – a some sort of love child from The Kills leadsinger Alison Mosshart and PJ Harvey. I love it”

And also 5/6 stars by Danish music blog GFR who wrote:

“To make it short ROXY JULES III is an uncompromising intelligent and original album and it is without a doubt one of the best albums I stumbled upon this year.”

The music speaks a language of its very own and shows how beauty and raw power can interact in the best possible way.