Three tracks that need to be listened. Three tracks “buzzzing”. Hand-picked by Last Day Deaf for you…

Artist: CREO

Track: ‘In The Red’

Genre: indie rock

Prepare yourselves for 4-minute indie rock magnificence by Aussie band CREO. Sydney-based indie-rock group know of no deductions in terms of attitude, melody and “cathciness” (yep, I like this word!), since their ‘In The Red‘ single is a an ear-melting one form start to finish.

The single is lifted from their forthcoming sophomore EP arriving late 2018. 100% addictive…


Track: ‘Hand that Feeds‘ 

Genre: grunge, metal

Growing up, while on my teenage years, I have to admit I was lucky enough to ‘go through’ all the grunge explosion with awesome bands like Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden & Pearl Jam among others. So, I’m feeling kind of shivers listening to ‘Hand that Feeds‘ from American band MOTORBONE, that sound more AiC than any other band has ever achieved. But, this is not only the case: They combine ultra-heavy basslines, soaring vocals and memorable riffs, while their singer performs in a grandiose way. Great track, reminding us of the good old days…

Artist: HUNGER

Track: ‘Naked‘ 

Genre: indie pop

Austrian alt-pop band HUNGER, prove with their finely-calibrated indie pop single ‘Naked‘, that they won’t leave us in hunger for prefect indie pop melodies, out of this stratosphere. But enough from us, pump the volume up and enjoy one of the most outstanding, glowing with quality, indie pop tunes of 2018.

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Curated by: Christos Doukakis