Three tracks that need to be listened. Three tracks “buzzzing”. Hand-picked by Last Day Deaf for you…

Artist: Julian Wa

Track: ‘Bloom’

Genre: folk, psych

Bloom‘ is among the most beautiful psych-folk gems for 2018! This is not just a statement; It’s pure love for a track that begins in a dreamy, almost haunting, way and around the 2nd minute, when the listener believes that the track fades to its end, ‘blooms’ like the most astonishing, psychedelic flower someone has ever seen, smelled… Like written on the press “A true DIY labor of love“… Eternal, pure, masterpiece! Congrats, Julian Wa!

Artist: Profiler

Track: ‘Burn’

Genre: nu metal, metalcore

Profiler‘s universe is full of 90’s nu metal blasts, metalcore sonic attacks and some great lyrics against consumerism. ‘Burn‘ is a powerful tune, from start-to-finish, all the way, and don’t expect an easy way out. A bold marriage of old-school with modern, Profiler seem to be in top form, ready to conquer. Blast!

Artist: Our Fastest Typist

Track: ‘It’s Nice Outside, But My Head Is Killing Me

Genre: indie rock

(i’m alright, it’s alright) 
(i’m alright, it’s alright) 
my head is homicidal, trying to 
kill me, because the sun came 
out, so i must retreat, away from these 
things that cause my pain without a 
doubt, pound on the door, let them all 
know, scream at the top of your 
stairs, or hide in the corner, shielding your 
eyes, and praying that no one sees you 

These lyrics are part of the last verse from Our Fastest Typist‘s ‘It’s Nice Outside, But My Head Is Killing Me‘. Yes, this is not indie rock about eternal walks in the park or chasing butterflies, this is indie rock to ‘get through tough stuff sometimes‘. The track is taken from the recently released album ‘Group Therapy for Imaginary Monsters‘. Go check it out. You will some finely-calibrated indie rock in there…

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Curated by: Christos Doukakis