Three tracks that need to be listened. Three tracks “buzzzing”. Hand-picked by Last Day Deaf for you…

Artist: Gidon Schocken

Track: ‘Sunn’ (feat. Afik Doari)

Genre: trip-hop, electronica

Gidon Schocken (from Israel) shares with us, his beautiful track ‘Sunn‘, featuring Afik Doari in vocals. For a few minutes, while listening to this addictive gem, I thought I got back in Bristol, mid-90’s era, when the trip-hop genre blossomed. But, Schocken is bold enough to give some really fresh air to the genre, with the invaluable aid of the stunning accompanying video. Looking forward for more!

Artist: Hubrist

Track: ‘Redpoint’ 

Genre: synthwave, vaporwave

Ladies and gents, welcome to the spectacular world of German act, Hubrist. What you are about to experience in the next 6 minutes id beyond genres. I will call it pure, mind-blowing electronica for the next millenium! ‘Redpoint‘ is simply comes to change your universe, your day, your mood. Just make sure to listen to this opus til its very end. Hard to describe. Pointless to analyze. Just live the experience. Thank you Hubrist!

Artist: Dreaming Of Islands

Track: ‘Dunes’ 

Genre: dream-pop, indie electro

Dunes‘ is the typical slow-burner song that builds up to a massive one, full of emotions and memorable soundscapes. Dreaming Of Islands, from Malmo (Sweden) seem capable of composing larger-than-life hymns, combining dream-pop, indie electro and shoegaze in their very own and unique “blender”. Worth mentioning is the exceptional female vocalist. Massive and  Ecstatic!

One of the best newcomers of 2018!

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Curated by: Christos Doukakis