Three tracks that need to be listened. Three tracks “buzzzing”. Hand-picked by Last Day Deaf for you…

Artist: Saint Chaos

Track: ‘Better Days’

Genre: alternative

Very excited to introduce to you a brand new alternative rock duo from Berlin, named Saint Chaos. Their debut track and video ‘Better Days‘ contains all the basic ingredients for listening on repeat and never get bored: Catchy, highly listenable, dark aesthetics, some great vocals and lyrics to sing-along wherever you are.  Nils Brunkhorst and producer Phil Sunday are Saint Chaos, and they surely made our days better…

Artist: Lazer Boomerang

Track: ‘A Girl With Flowers’

Genre: synthwave, vaporwave

Another debut track, this time from Swiss artist Lazer Boomerang (often drumming for the indie-rock band Rival Kings!), with an excellent synthwave/vaporwave gem, ‘A Girl With Flowers‘. The first single of the upcoming ‘The Synthwave Tapes Part I‘ is a magical journey glowing with a futuristic quality similar of an accomplished producer. The video by Necrogym! adds kudos to the final result, so listen with eyes….open! Magnificent!


Artist: Grace Gillespie

Track: ‘England’

Genre: folk

How could anybody resist in the unique musical experience Grace Gillespie‘s ‘England‘ offers? A flawless, psych tune with some memorable lyrics, like those of the initial verse:

England, did you follow them down?
Did you cut off your hair?
Despite your greys 
You’re still the place for me

London-based artist and producer Grace Gillespie is a fine example of effortless musicianship, ready to carry you away, by simply pressing the play button below…

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Curated by: Christos Doukakis