Three tracks that need to be listened. Three tracks “buzzzing”. Hand-picked by Last Day Deaf for you…

Artist: Gen Z

Track: ‘Generation Z’

Genre: alternative

It’s of no surprise that Gen Z is a coming together of friends and musical collaborators, since this easy-going feel is “mirrored” in their sound, and especially in excellent track ‘Generation Z‘. The band’s forth single could easily be included in The War On Drugs‘ ‘A Deeper Understanding‘, and I think that sums it all. Top quality music, with concise and beautiful melodies to sing-along while driving on the highway, escaping the big city. Top one!

Artist: Edwin

Track: ‘Uncontrollable Pride’

Genre: folk, indie

I was under pressure when the Devil told me what she thought.

Nothing made much sense and I said “Jesus, you sound just like God”

Will my life come at a cost, cause my money’s gone to rent?

What else would you want, to get my life back again?

Jacob and Matthew Boll is Edwin, and couldn’t resist in including here the 1st verse of ‘Uncontrollable Pride‘, since they write some pretty genuine lyrics. Really catchy melody in the vein of great George Harrison.

The track is accompanied by an atmospheric video, produced and directed by Andrew Hardy, shot in b & w.

Artist: Emily Afton

Track: ‘Sylvia’

Genre: indie pop

Sylvia Rivera (NYC Transgender Activist from the 1960s-70’s) should smile up there, while listening to the beautiful ode, ‘Sylvia‘, by Emily Afton.  Emily’s voice is like a gentle touch or caress, and we simply cannot resist in listening to this gem. Stunning!

And every time we win, it’s you we owe‘.

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Curated by: Christos Doukakis