FREMEN – ‘Non Nobis Solum’

The avant-electronica project of Polish-born, Estonia-based Natalia Wójcik, FREMEN just released the immense, 5-minute, audiovisual experience ‘Non Nobis Solum‘; An avant-electronic magnum opus, containing witch house elements, noise outbursts, highly experimental and intense and accompanied by an adequate visualizer by Paul Klooren. According to FREMEN this track “is a subconscious expression of the immense magical power women of the world hold – power to rage, change and unite“. Will you dare enter this realm?

Sean Addicott – ‘Ritual II – A Head Cloud Of Starlings Murmur The Songs Cloaked Amplifiers Sing’

Bristol sound artist & purveyor Sean Addicott recently gifted us with an 8-minute drone, magnum opus called ‘Ritual II – A Head Cloud Of Starlings Murmur The Songs Cloaked Amplifiers Sing‘; This one is a wild sonic exploration borrowing elements from ambient, noise, post rock, shoegaze, noise, drone, experimental and even harsh noise wall, but we guarantee that patient listeners who go through this odyssey will find the catharsis. Like an ancient drama, there is a strong introduction, gradual build-up to an anthemic climax and a blissful epilogue.  No fan of  Jonsi & Alex, Tim Hecker, and William Basinski, should neglect this, and we are counting backwards for Addicott’s upcoming full-length  ‘Destroyertones‘,

yottai – ‘smile entropy’

The debut single by the Estonia-based yottai, ‘smile entropy‘, is a twisted experimental electronic/witch house blend dedicated to domestic violence. This one is filled with oppressive soundscapes, intense hyperpop vocals and a healthy dose of experimentation like early-era Crystal Castles on meth… Dope!

Sound Animal – ‘Through the Wall’

Through the Wall‘ by the Californian outfit Sound Animal, sounds like a bad trip, which is actually more than ideal for Nocturnal Anomalies! Those chaps are bold enough to put in the same blender, 60s psychedelia, 80s avant-garde, noise rock elements and doom via their pretty own unique experimental artistic filter. The final result is an uncompromising work of art with immense power, claustrophobic atmosphere, perverted psychedelia like an endless ride on a “Silent Hill” carousel!

Paranoia Critical – ‘And’ (feat. Gore Orphanage)

Paranoia Critical is the experimental moniker created by American Addison Chapman, and for ‘And‘ he collaborates with metal vocalist Gore Orphanage. The track is distorted industrial metal extravaganza with demented, almost goregrind-alike vocals and filled with noise and experimentation. Noisy & disturbing!

Albino 9 – ‘Undercurrent

Los Angeles based musician Hal Berkstresser is behind Albino 9 moniker and ‘Undercurrent‘ is an obseessive, experimental idm treat with an impeccable sound design and industrial flavour, that could be the bastard child of ‘Vakio‘-era Panasonic (before the legal problems with the famous brand) and ‘LP5‘-era Autechre. Experimental elctronic music at its optimum vita for Ant-Zen‘s label aficionados!

Florian Brunner  – ‘I Am The Bat’

French electronic composer of Florian Brunner‘s ‘I Am The Bat‘ is a nihilistic, pompous composition, written as a film score, like an atypical marriage of Hans Zimmer with giallo behemoths Goblin. The video is also created by Brunner and is a more than an ideal companion for his artistic vision. Commanding!

Whettman Chelmets – ‘Where We Met. We Married Right Out of School.

One of the key tracks of Whettman Chelmets‘ ‘Joan‘ could be described as “gospel drone”… “These recordings came about as a reflection of my last few days with a woman who shaped me and took care of me and in a lot of ways was a second mother to me.” The best gift for his grandmother… Up in heaven!

Necking – ‘Abyssal joy

Necking is a recently reformed reformed, San Diego-based trio, Amy Cimini, Nick Lesley, and Scott Nielsen, and ‘Abyssal joy‘ is a bombastic, experimental noise number with the wildest viola sound you’ve ever experienced! Noise rock dadaism could never have sounded better than this!

Old Saw – ‘Dead Creek Drawl‘ 

Country twang mixed with drone? Well, Old Saw ensemble use pedal steel guitar, violin, banjo, to unleash an one of a kind, meditative country drone and this track is perhaps the most representative one from their stunning ‘Country Tropics‘ album, out via Lobby Art.


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Curated by: Christos Doukakis