Emmanuelle June – ‘Smokey Beast

Kick off for this Nocturnal Anomalies‘ round-up with the highly avant-garde, audiovisual experience by the Swedish, acclaimed singer-songwriter and artist Emmanuelle June and her ‘Smokey Beast‘; In just under 3 minutes, the listener/viewer will have to be brave enough to go through the haunting, claustrophobic soundscapes, the unexpected noises, the abstract rhythm, and the eerie spoken word by the ‘dark fairy’. The accompanying visualizer, which was conceptualised, shot, directed, staring, and edited by the artist herself, couldn’t have been less experimental somewhere in between early-ear David Lynch and “The Ring” series.  Heavily experimental, bleak and 100% avanat-garde. A  pure “nocturnal anomaly”!

GNOME – ‘i didn’t get out of bed today‘ (Ft. brick cabins) 

GNOME is a lo-Fi/electronic Musician based out of Hendersonville Tennessee, and ‘i didn’t get out of bed today‘ is a 5-minute, caliginous descent, or perhaps ascend, to one of the most indelible, lo-fi noise dystopias we have experienced so far this year. The track is pretty monolithic but it’s an instant hit for all experimental/noise/”everything dark” sound explorers. No easy way out once hell breaks loose…And it does pretty soon after you play the play button below!

MIDItatt – ‘FIRE’ (vocal mix)

Hailing from Mexico, MIDItatt‘s ‘FIRE‘ (vocal mix) is among the most vicious tracks I’ve come across in a while; A genre-breaker for sure, mixing in the brew, agonal spoken word/rapping, intense horrorcore soundscapes, noise finishing touches and all of the aforementioned wrapped up in a dark experimental ‘shroud’…..  As the artist explains “the song speaks for my feelings and itself“….

“Toss me a cigarette.

The red dragon blood is craving,

Full of lust, the war is waging.

You don’t got long…

Catch your train, it won’t be waiting.

The last whistle is your dying (wish)

When you’ve lost the fight there remains the aftermath.

I’mma burn your fucking thoughts,

Turn them into ash,

If you are cold in the street, you just need a fire can.

Play fool, take 1.

Get a job, get their trust and then stab them in the back.

Don’t turn around! There’s no way back.

If you are having second thoughts,

should’ve worried in the past.

All that’s left is war and missiles in the sky.

Stop now! – plan your attack.

Mesmerize them with the fire, scorch their black hearts.

We have no choice.

The red dragon blood is craving,

Full of lust, the war is waging.

You don’t got long…

Catch your train, it won’t be waiting.

The last whistle is your dying (wish)

When you’ve lost the fight there remains the aftermath.

Want you to look into the pyre,

Ask it what’s your name.

If you know, then it’s real, it is sacred, don’t tell anyone!

If it’s fake, take 2.

Get O.D’d, please ask Satan for me!

In the fire you can see whatever will be.

Give up, there’s no way out.


Fuck! Tell me what happened.


Kill it! Fucking kill it!

We are doomed!

Fire! Tell me what happened.

Please, Fire!

Fire! Tell me what happened.

We are doomed!”


The Bodies Obtained – ‘Hearty Steps Into the Hereafter’

Last Day Deaf believes in the uncompromising experimental electronic duo from Detroit, The Bodies Obtained, and ‘Hearty Steps Into the Hereafter‘, is an ideal sample of its artistry and just released album ‘Never Wasted‘; An unholy blend of glitch hop, twisted tribal and fearless experimental electronic. These chaps don’t fall into the common trap of making their music  more accessible for a wider audience by hedging their sound, but at the same time achieve in unleashing, incongruously addictive vibes for the Alien Nation… Whoops sorry! For every “bizarre creation” explorer…

J.R.C.G. – ‘Lowrider’

Noise rock meets psychedelic rock meets post rock in J.R.C.G.‘s latest offering ‘Lowrider‘.  Justin R. Cruz Gallego the brain behind J.R.C.G., recently shared this taster from upcoming debut album ‘Ajo Sunshine‘ (due November 19th), a fuzzed out, experimental odyssey that would definitely make early-era Holy Fuck blush with jealousy. Lovers of noise, lo-fi rock  and outer psych rock should immediately check this one out!

Out on Castleface Records.

Kirril – ‘IV

The dark industrial music producer from Groningen, Netherlands, Kirril, recently released his album ‘Kirril‘,   and ‘IV’ as you may have guessed is the 4th track from it. Sluggish, dark, industrial techno mixed with glitch, noise and toons of experimentation guarantee “a spacious, hallucinogenic trip that leaves you claustrophobic in discomfort“.

The cassette tape available at Tartarus Records.

obscure heaven – ‘Document #2’

Noise project from Crimea, Russia, obscure heaven, latest release is the 2-track ‘Black Rectangle‘, & ‘Document #2‘ is an unapologetic, harsh noise wall treat for those who may endure aural pain. Pure noise without mercy….

Out via the Russian netlabel Fatal Noise Action!

Morbid Beauty – ‘Exhumation

What could anybody expect from an album with cover artwork with Brady and Hindley, known for the Moors murders were carried out by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley between July 1963 and October 1965, in and around Manchester? Leeds’ Morbid BeautyExhumation‘ is a sick, dadaistic, dark drone, power electronics drift, 514-second trip straight to hell…. You’ve been warned!

Black Channels – ‘Ghosts

The new remastered vinyl edition of Black Channels‘ ‘Two Knocks For Yes‘ presents the same mix of real life stories of paranormal activity with otherworldly vibrations and oscillations conjured up on the Buchla Electric Music Box. ‘Ghosts‘ is a spooky sample of the short-lived outfit’s art: “Preoccupation with other worlds, parallel dimensions and the dark tapestry of the imagination. Chilling accounts of nocturnal visitations and strange activity in the most mundane of suburban surroundings echo in and out of focus alongside electronic manifestations and tape manipulations in this 20 minute experimental radio collage.” Vital!

Ulk – ‘Hours Of Idleness‘ 

Will finish in a phantasmal way with the otherworldly, dungeon synth opener ‘Hours Of Idleness‘ of Ulk‘s just released album ‘Shellbound‘ on Danish seminal, cassette, dungeon synth label Gondolin Records. “Restrained melancholic melodies and a serene elegant production welcomes the listener to a self-contained introspective soundscape“.


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Curated by: Christos Doukakis