Neander Hamilton – ‘Gravewaster’

It’s been quite a while since the previous one, but yes kicking off this Nocturnal Anomalies‘ episode with the Aussie composer/producer Neander Hamilton, based in Melbourne and founder of Rum Fixion Records. The sound is deep and dark in this industrial, ambient beast, with every beat digging the listener’s entrails. Do not expect sweet melodies, nor an easy way out. As soon as you enter this aural maze, you will be on your own… A track of colossal beauty, for the dead flowers to bloom…. Or maybe not?

Benjamin Fitzgerald – ‘Ambedo

The debut EP from British neoclassical composer Ben Fitzgerald, ‘Ambedo‘, is among the most unique releases of 2020 (so far!). The main aim of the release is to raise awareness on music and mental health, and the title track is a wild trip into the darker side of “Schizophrenia“. What starts in a mild, almost eerie, manner, goes gloomy after the 3rd minute mark, and will remain engraved to those who pay attention for a long time. A track of tremendous power & grace dealing/exploring the rough ‘soul avenues’. Take a deep breath and proceed….

Flange Circus – ‘Mouldy Heels (Intro)

Welcome to the “Forbidden Forest“. ‘Mouldy Heels (Intro)‘ is the opening track from Flange Circus‘ latest album ‘Rural Eerie‘. A 4-minute instrumental piece, that could be described as an experimental, darkwave for the forest nymphs. The kooky birds introduce us to another, savage realm, while the repetitive retro synth line is playing with our brain cells.

Pete Collins (Keyboards, Programming, Noises, Visuals), Bon Holloway (Keyboards, Programming, Field Recordings, Noises) & John Taylor (Keyboards, Accordion, Noises) are the goth ‘Cenobites’, or Flange Circus if you prefer… Will you open the box?

Leonardo Barilaro – ‘Life is short Birds are flying (Hayat kısa Kuşlar uçuyor)’

The next ‘anomaly’, ‘Life is short Birds are flying (Hayat kısa Kuşlar uçuyor)‘, is inspired by a poem of Cemal Süreya, by the Italian pianist, composer and aerospace engineer Leonardo Barilaro, who will play the first piano concert on Mars (according to the press release!). This one is a meditative, space-y, desolate, experimental, neoclassical composition, which may very well be the best “soul” treatment against the global pandemic and its shocking effects.

Kenopsia – ‘Echoes From The Black Paper’

Remaining in Italy, where we ‘meet’ with Kenopsia, and his magnifying, 19-minute, experimental ,glitchy, dark ambient/drone opus ‘Echoes From The Black Paper‘; A work of art about memories & past. This one gradually builds up, with the first significant escalaltion around the 5th minute. It’s a piece for patient “waiters”, and do not expect fast progression But those who stick with it, will get involved with a unique, unfolding, sentimental vortex; An “ancestral” piece of work. Post-apocalyptic, or post-pandemic if you wish, fans of acts like Nocturnal Emissions shouldn’t miss this one!

Elio Civalleri – ‘Damnatio Memoriae

French artist Elio Civalleri delivers a tune with an agressive and fat bass line, acid synths and some weird vocal samples, accompanied with some cool retro visuals about ‘addiction’. ‘Damnatio Memoriae‘ is a dadaistic experiment of sorts; Will you endure?

Steve Greene – ‘Lights in the Sky’

Going back in time to meet the Detroit based electronic musician & composer, Steve Greene, and ‘Lights in the Sky‘ off his 2019’s album ‘Distant Transmissions (Kona-Hawaii)‘, an experimental dark ambient treat for “black hole” travellers. Impeccable sound design, stunning production, cinematic atmosphere and intense experimentation…. A pure “nocturnal anomaly”!

Black Tar Dive – ‘Can A Laser Be Thrown Off Course If It’s Windy?

Can A Laser Be Thrown Off Course If It’s Windy?‘ You have roughly 60 seconds to answer this question and hopefully the Spanish, experimental noise outfit Black Tar Dive will help you… Enigmatic!

Pastime – ‘200 KG

Non profit netlabel with occasional cdr releases,  Fat Pidgeon Productions, is proud to present/gift its latest release; A mezmerizing yet dark experimental ambient work, by Pastime. a 22-minute composition, in which the sense of time is utterly lost through the empirical soundscapes…

Bazahadar – ‘focalin 30mg daily for 11 years‘ 

Last but not least, we have some seriously ill harsh noise from Fargo, North Dakota (“project by Adam Raczkowski. They are an individual of eastern european and arabic descent. This tape is a dissection of the inner self and a revealing of the most painful, joyous, and utterly repulsive desires one has. This tape is for the spirits that follow me, and for the ones I’ve left behind“).

Bazahadar‘s ‘focalin 30mg daily for 11 years‘ is a repulsive, harsh noise treat for the lowest instincts! Con-Dom + Muslimgauze = Bazahadar


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Curated by: Christos Doukakis