Gjør Styggedom – ‘Svolvær

Couldn’t find a better way to start this Nocturnal Anomalies‘ take, with the 10-minute heavy drone experiment ‘Svolvær‘ by Sussex-based duo of Noel Lyons and Lars Cigol, Gjør Styggedom. The track contains distinctive sludge aesthetics, and the feeling of disorientation is intense. This heavy beast is not the ideal treat for the unaware listener, but it’s more than essential for every experimental music aficionado. “Noise-opia”!

Warning Light – ‘Stable Enabler

Stable Enabler‘ is the opening track from Warning Light‘s latest album ‘Latent Futurists‘ released via Stickfigure Recordings. One could easily classify this magnum opus in the experimental electronic spectrum, but the sole act’s member D Haddon is far too restless and is more than capeable of adding shoegaze, idm and even highly cinematic elements in this astonishing amalgam of sounds that unleashes a claustrophobic euphoria, unlike anything else you’ve experienced before. Dope!

Atla Daga – ‘Genom Dimmorna Vandrar alla Väsen

Hope you are ready for a mythical drift with the dungeon synth/spoken word/drone treat by Swedish, secretive act Atla Daga. ‘Genom Dimmorna Vandrar alla Väsen‘ is an epic tale about trolls and elves from the foggy Swedish forest, with  pompous aesthetics, eerie, fairy-like spoken word, and spine-chilling synths. Welcome to the medieval era, and make sure you watch the great accompanying visualizer.  Bewitched!

Chris Portka – ‘Ambient Jazz Metal’

This one is not for the faint-hearted; American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chris Portka recently released an  8 song, 20 minute psych noise rock EP ‘Hey buddy, can you spare $74k / year?‘, and one of the most distinctive, and longest, tracks from there is ‘Ambient Jazz Metal‘. Portka’s love and influence for/from jazz cannot be hidden, but also for noise, and this is a mutant/jazz/drone sonic adventure with avant-garde and sludge aftertaste. It’s loud, extreme, adventurous, and apparently an absolute ‘nocturnal anomaly’… Respect!

Fuji Yuki & Valéry Poulet – ‘Neshama’

Fuji Yuki is a Japanese female vocalist as know as member of the ethereal drone pop duo Sarry and for ‘Neshama‘ she joins forces with the French experimental and electroacoustic composer Valéry Poulet. In Hebrew, “Neshama” means the breath but also the soul, and this 10+ minute track is a ritualistic, electroacoustic drone in which the charismatic and uncommon vocals of Japanese, dark fairy are genuinely combined with the electroacoustic, ambient universe of accomplished Poulet. Released on eclectic French label Snow in Water Records.

Seuil Optique – ‘Inner Language

A second one in the row from Snow in Water Records, this time by experimental, improvisational duo Seuil Optique (Sig Valax : Persephone, Modular System, Synths. & Nicolas Tourney : Drones, Synths, Sampler) and an excerpt from their latest album ‘Between Lines‘. Electronic improvisation is admirably matched with ethereal minimalism to create a unique kaleidoscopic experience in which nobody may predict what follows next!

Kenopsia – ‘Distorted Signals_3’

Italian noise/harsh noise wall outfit Kenopsia tend to become a column’s mainstay, only this time with a much shorter track than the 19-minute opus ‘Echoes From The Black Paper‘. ‘Distorted Signals_3‘ is an epic hnw/noise sonic experience with hollow vocals and frowsty atmosphere from the zero second up to its very latest moment and sudden end. Vital!

Sisyphus – ‘Gain

Rick Veloz‘s horror ambient project Sisyphus recently released ‘Gain‘ which ‘sounds like when you’re on too many drugs at a live show and drifting in and out of consciousness…’ Would serve greatly as a soundtrack for a survival horror of a ”Doom”-alike FPS videogame!

Istochie – ‘Untitled I

17 minutes of hnw put in the same blender with dark ambient by the Russian act Istochie, think it’s more than enough for a gloomy Monday morning! Or maybe not? Proceed with caution!

Kratzwerk – ‘Jellyfish Fields‘ 

Something different for the end: German project Kratzwerk (yup, we got the hint!) and its absurd take on a Hawaiian music is a must-listen for experimental sound surveyors, in this uncharted, out-of-this-world, experimental vaporwave treat. ‘Jellyfish Fields‘ rocks!


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Curated by: Christos Doukakis