HKN Dieoxenfolk – ‘4-7/17/02/2019’

Seldom do we need experiences to last long… And also be rewarding in the end. In the case of Polish artist and “sound innovator” HKN Dieoxenfolk and his 29-minute opus ‘4-7/17/02/2019‘ it’s way more than just a statement! The experience of this unique audio recording, piece of art, and imaginary soundtrack of a movie that should be based on this magnificent piece is definitely difficult to describe. There are undeniably elements of ambient, drone, experimental, field recordings, noise, cinematic, and its mood ranges from angelic to dystopic. It could be an non-typical “cycle of life”, or even a Goya drawing transforming through the centuries. For one thing I am confident though: If you wanna feel the tsunami of emotion this track unleashes, you should dedicate yourself half an hour, turn off the lights, put on the headphones and close your eyes. A ‘sonic heaven’ will arise… or is it hell? Whatever!

Dreaming Of Islands – ‘Silencio

Swedish outfit Dreaming Of Islands has this outstanding, artistic value to magnify us with every recording. In ‘Silencio‘, they are getting a bit darker, gaining their position in the demanding Nocturnal Anomalies’ column: Fans of psych, kraut, dark electro and mesmerizing female vocals should not neglect this gem. (This is supposed to be their Xmas track! Jeezus!)

Blårød – ‘Endless

Travelling further North, to meet Blårød and his ending track ‘Endless‘ off his latest album ‘Endless Never‘:  You could call this gem claustrophobic post-rock with ambinet/drone elements. Five and a half minutes of re-discovering your inner soul, in a low flight, that you should take care of the “obstacles”. Intense and dark!

SAER – ‘Shadows’ (Feat. David Ezra)

UK based singer, songwriter and producer SAER is promising a magical journey with ‘Shadows‘, and the great collaboration with producer David Ezra. An alluring experimental pop experience with sublime synth work and the almost fragile vocal performance, this is a futuristic, full of lush harmonies ambient-indie seduction…  Stratospheric!

Kid Koala – ‘Lost At Sea‘ (ft. Trixie Whitley)

Electronic music prodigy & visionary scratch DJ and producer Kid Koala (a.k.a. Eric San) collaborates ideally with Trixie Whitley on ‘Lost At Sea‘ off his ambient-vocal, collaborative album ‘Music To Draw To: Io‘. There are no borders for Kid Koala to hamper his creativity. And this ambient, atmospheric song proves that he’s capable of composing great music among music producing, film composing, video game composing, multimedia-performer and award winning graphic novelist. Need more of this genius? Just press the play button below!

Opeamp – ‘Swarm

Do you remember the German idm/glitch behemoths Beefcake? What? Dont know them? Nevermind, feel free to ckeck this awesome idm/glitch track by Openamp, and you may get an idea. ‘Swarm‘ is a paradise of broken rhythms, female sampled voices that ehco in your brain, and heavy, addictive basslines, enriched with bleeps and glitches. Take care, dont turn it up too loud, unless you wanna have the neighbour outside your door….begging for more!

Scratch Massive – ‘FANTOME X’ (Feat. Grindi Manberg)

Accomplished, French electronic duo is among the highest hopes of the current electronic music scene and has been active since the late 90’s. If you feel ready to commit a sin, then you better watch/ listen to the utterly sublime dark, electro opus featuring the grandiose vocal performance by  Grindi Manberg, while accompanied by the fantastic, cult-ish video by written and directed by Thomas Vernay. Unique…

Their latest album ‘Garden Of Love‘ is out on bORDEL Records.

Ralph Heidel // Homo Ludens – ‘Sweet Dark Moves

Ralph Heidel is a more than promising young musicia (composer, pianist and saxophonist) and with ‘Sweet Dark Moves‘ collaborates ideally with the progressive, 7-piece orchestra Homo Ludens, “weaving” an unforgettable “neoclassical, melancholic jazz and chill out electronica on the highest level” gem. Just stunning!

windowsilhouette – ‘E1

Thick layers of noise, intense feeling of disorientation, rare ambient aesthetics, unfiltered sounds of an air conditioner, and a “naughty kangaroo from Melbournewindowsilhouette creating some serious music from ‘down under‘.  Feeling ready for this shadowy, hazy ride?

From the Bogs of Aughiska – ‘The Devil is An Irish Man‘ 

What we have here…. A post-apocalyptic experience from heavily experimental, space black metal Irish one-man act From the Bogs of Aughiska (inspired by Celtic history, pagan mythology and the harsh, rugged west coast of Ireland) . ‘The Devil is An Irish Man‘ is an ode to dark experimental music, pushing the boundaries to the limits of human existence.

The album this murky, ‘carious’ “Darkspace meets Mz.412” creation is taken is called ‘Mineral Bearing Veins‘ (Apocalyptic Witchcraft). The video is a pure dark masterpiece shot, directed & edited by John Mulvaney. Not for the faint-hearted.


Nocturnal Anomalies, No.1

Nocturnal Anomalies, No.2

Nocturnal Anomalies, No.3

Curated by: Christos Doukakis