Hezaliel – ‘The Pit Of Hell’

From his latest release, published by Eighth Tower Records, Hezaliel explores the darkest territories of his own inner world, the subtle ultraterrestrial frequencies buried under his personal “paradise lost”.

Käki – ‘Disposal Οf Τhe Used Thinking Machines 3’

Käki is a collective led by Jere Kilpinen (Juho Yrjölä this time) from Finland. With the third part of Disposal trilogy, completely recorded live without editing, they play a flux of consciousness that you could listen to indefinitely.

Sonologyst – ‘Close Circuit’

Re-edited by Cold Spring, ‘Silencers (The Conspiracy Theory Dossiers)‘ , by Sonologyst, is a documentary in music, including spy tech, declassified documents, CIA Deep Black Programs, NASA classified tapes, Secret societies and breakaway civilization hypotheses.

Noctilucant – ‘Dare To Dream’

A suspended and dreaming  landscape by Noctilucant, the Joseph Mlodik project from US.


Mario Lino Stancati – ‘Veglia e dimora’

Recently appeared on the God Hates God Records Belgian netlabel, run by Patrick Masson and Hell Seb, ‘Veglia e dimora‘ is another example of the great creativity and avant-garde music sensitivity of Italian musician and writer Mario Lino Stancati. Unmissable.

Mytrip – ‘People Are Broken’

Mytrip (Angel Simitchiev) is one of the best underground projects from Eastern Europe. Noise, dark, post industrial and minimalism are blended in his music, with a highly fresh and contemporary approach.

Bloodkry – ‘Nowhere’

Minimal industrial tech from Bloodkry, a young project from Finnish underground. To follow with attention in the future.

Nam-Khar – ‘Dri Za’

Winter-Light productions are among my favorite listens.  ‘Dri Za‘, a track from the latest Nam-Khar’s album, is a sonic journey to the archaic energies/powers in Tibetan culture.

Children Of Cathode Ray – ‘Mantracks’

Fascinating mixture of electronic, industrial and Far East folk tradition, in the Children Of Cathode Ray‘s music from Philippines, a project I discovered thanks to the priceless work of Cedrik Fermont, always engaged to explore new talents from Asia and Far East.

Sun Through Eyelids – ‘Weightlessness On The Red Tide’

Ritualistic visions of Hyperborea from Sun Through Eyelids, the project run by the talented musician Tom Necklen.

Curated by: Raffaele Pezzella (aka Sonologyst)