This is a “free pass”, so get on the Indie-Coaster for a 15-track ride of indiepop, jangle pop, psych, alternative, indie electro & indie rock!

Artist: NONONO

Track: ‘Dancing (Mumbai Wedding)’

Let’s start this round with the Swedish indie poppers NONONO and their single single ‘Dancing (Mumbai Wedding)‘; Now this one what we expect: Harmonically-rich and full of  memorable melodies to sing-along for the rest of the day. The track is taken from the band’s recently released album ‘Undertones’, and it’s definitely a YESYESYES!

Artist: Organised Scum

Track: ‘Another Goalkeeping Question For Peter’

Organised Scum are introduced to us, as ‘one of the UK’s most enigmatic new bands‘, due to their misleading name (no they don’t play hardcore or any ‘core’ music!), and heir near-absence from social media. ‘Another Goalkeeping Question For Peter‘ is a direct indie track, full of art-pop references (thanks to Roxy Music and XTC about this!) and as Tom (vocals, guitar) has stated is about ‘the idea of work and how ridiculous it is that our lives are supposedly defined by jobs, which more often than not are completely devoid of meaning.’  So, this is 2 in 1, both music and lyric-wise this one is an ace, if your indie pulse is still beating.  

The band consists of Tom Duggins (vocals, guitar), Tom Williams (bass) and Sean Canty (drums), and Possibly, the most “indie” one to comε from the U.K. in recent years.

Artist: Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks

Track: ‘Dan Halen’

Indie-Coaster catches fire with the explosive ‘Dan Halen‘ by Savannah psych-rock/garage quintet, Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks. Taken off the first release from the Savannah record shop, Graveface Records & Curiosities, (Graveface Records) prepare yourselves for a one ticket ride to hell… No return guaranteed! Meteoric…

Artist: Pan Aprilian

Track: ‘Moonlight Mirrors’

What we have here is a very special case! The 3rd single & video ‘Moonlight Mirrors‘ by transatlantic artist duo Pan Aprilian is all about, and much more, mixing the rock opera genre with classic Disney cartoons motifs, The Mighty Boosh aesthetics and soviet-era psychedelic animated film scores.  This one is an audiovisual gem for the daring ones, and among the most unique tracks of 2018. Easily!

Artist: Reptilians

Track: ‘Girls Who Work In Shops’

Another ace track from United Kingdom, this time from Reptilians, and their bittersweet, indie/art-pop hymn ‘Girls Who Work In Shops‘. These chaps remind me a lot of art pop heroes Hefner, moreover they mange sounding more catchy. They also share a great, phlegmatic sense of humour. Flamboyant music!

Artist: Lady Bird

Track: ‘Boot Fillers’

Remaining in “the island”, with punk/indie outfit Lady Bird and their  Ian Dury meets Mike Skinner (lyric-wise) ‘Boot Fillers‘. An absorbing tune ready to travel you back in the good old days of Brit music, combining the very best elements like punk attitude, caustic lyrics and catchy hooks. What else do we need?

Frontman Sam Cox on ‘Boot Fillers‘:  “‘Boot Fillers’ is about the challenging relationships I have had with father figures throughout my life,” he says. “Something valuable that I have come to appreciate is that It can be difficult for both parties involved.”

Out on Girl Fight Records.


Track: ‘Rings on Every Finger’

Getting darker now, with the obsessive, dim track ‘Rings on Every Finger‘ by KINOELECTRO; A dark pop duo from Hollywood, with a song about Hollywood. Dakota Blue & Jenny Nirgends create moody atmospheres for the “creatures of the night“, but also for every indie music fan who’s looking to listen to something different. Well-shaped melodies, stylish vocals and engaging instrumentation all in one track. Great for a debut one!

Artist: Tennis System

Track: ‘C O M I N G D O W N’

Los Angeles punkgaze band Tennis System‘s ‘C O M I N G D O W N‘ is an immense tune about the come down after being on tour:

Coming down
From the ground
Head full of smoke
Life is just a joke

My eyes don’t see
Clouds full of stars
Hands breaking hearts

What have I done
What have you done
What have we done
What have we done
What have we done

These great lyrics are wonderfully combined with larger-than-life shoegaze riffs, dreamy vocals and thunderous rhythm. A stormy listening experience you should go through.


Track: ‘2pm For Breakfast’

Australia could not miss this round for Indie-Coaster! ‘2pm For Breakfast‘ by TIMI TEMPLE is a track ‘inspired by the creative lifestyle, where waking hours vary and routine breakfast times are non-existent‘. If you feel afraid of the “Capitalist monster”, then this one may very well become your soundtrack. Expect some grandiose guitar riffs too!

Artist: Satellite Stories

Track: ‘Cut out the Lights’

Cut Out The Lights‘ is the lead track from the self titled 5th and final studio album from Finnish band, Satellite Stories. Frontman Esa Mankinen has quoted about the track:

We feel this song captures a bit of the drama we have all gone through. A story about a relationship where you don’t feel a thing but you pretend you do and just go on. It’s a battle between keeping the ship balanced and being an untruthful person, a weak mind that can not give up or be brave enough to say it is over.’

The video directed, written & edited by Joel Karppanen is a pure joy to watch. Tuneful and strong melody!

Artist: Laura Jean Anderson

Track: ‘Thinkin Bout You’

Los Angeles-based artist Laura Jean Anderson‘s heartfelt vocals for the awesome, atypical tune ‘Thinkin Bout You‘ will graven your heart & soul for weeks. This is a liberation anthem from her deeply Mormon roots and a universal rally cry for the voiceless. This is a timeless track, a soon-to-be classic one. Take a bow at Laura Jean Anderson…

Artist: Bikini Trill

Track: ‘Need Me’

Surf-pop trio Bikini Thrill come from California, and ‘Need Me‘ is a cool example of what they can come up with: A fresh sound of their own borrowing elements form hip-hop, electronica, power pop and even field recordings (can you hear the dog barking?).

The track is accompanied by a great video directed by Arthur Reyna, not to be missed by drone lovers… 


Track: ‘No Want’

The warhorse KING BROTHERS from Japan, are back in action with an 100 second dynamite ‘No Want‘! An out of bounds punk rock track with enough energy to fly you to the moon and stylish enough to make Jon Spencer blush in shame. Neighbors, beware!

Artist: Nana Adjoa

Track: ‘DOOA’

DOOA‘ is soulful uneasy to define track (somewhere between chillwave & acoustic) from the 3rd EP ‘A Tale so Familiar‘ (out on November 9th) by Nana Adjoa.  The warm & soothing vocals by Adjoa amalgamated with finely-calibrated synths and soundscapes. A matchless experience…

Catch her live if you are lucky enough:


Artist: Frith

Track: ‘Daisies’

Frith (Travis Frith Warner), is a musician, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles, CA and ‘Daisies‘ is an orchestral indie-pop gem that lies somewhere between Neil Hannon‘s The Divine Comedy and ‘Sirena‘-era Cousteau. In other words, prepare for a spine-chilling exodus for this round of Indie-Coaster. Beyond words…

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