This is a “free pass”, so get on the Indie-Coaster for a 15-track ride of indiepop, jangle pop, psych, alternative, indie electro & indie rock!

Artist: Squid Cult

Track: ‘Angelpuke’

The 3d single (& video) from Squid Cult‘s debut ‘All Boys Leave Home Someday‘ is an addictive tune, with endless riffs, a killer bass, and a flawless melody. The video was curated by Vsev Krawczeniuk and is pure fun to watch the band in these odd astronaut(?) suits. This is what the band quoted about the track:

‘Angelpuke’ is the true story of how we burned down Hoagy Carmichael’s house. We did it so that his ghost would haunt our music. We like jazz music. Our friend Jonathan Weber plays Hoagy who was, as we all remember, a junkie space narwhal. The piano outro is a nod to his classic, ‘Stardust.’ The inimitable vis-wiz Vsev Krawczeniuk spent hundreds of man hours on this psychedelic space-experience. So if you see him on the street, give him a firm hankshake and a ‘thank you.’ I know we will.’

Bangin; one!

Artist: Whettman Chelmets

Track: ‘Annihilate Your Masters!’

Missouri based experimental artist Matt Clements has been releasing some really inquiring music under the moniker Whettman Clements. ‘Annihilate Your Masters!‘ is a manifest of what a brave musician can achieve. Yes, Matt can simply mix from post-rock to experimental and from electronic to ambient and  even jazz… I could go on and just list genres. And all these in one single track. Furthermore, the sound is so articulate, creating a genre of his own. This magnum opus from his recently released 6 song EP called ‘Annihilate Your Masters‘. Go check it out!

Artist: Mattress Food

Track: ‘Burn Yr Idols’

What I adore most about Mattress Food, is their “f*ck you”, indie attitude that most ‘indie’ bands fail to let out these years. From the brilliantly titled ‘Burn Yr Idols‘, they seem capable of turning a plain guitar riff to an indie-punk anthem of their generation. Sami, Wallace, Paul and Adam actually wrote this tune as an “indictment of toxic behavior – racism, homophobia, toxic masculinity, transphobia“. Hope you don’t mind lads, but this one is slacker-rock at its very best.

Really, really cool one!

Artist: The Electric West

Track: ‘No Palindromes’

The first band that came to my mind while listening to The Electric West‘s ‘No Palindromes‘, was Echo & The Bunnymen. By pressing the play button you’ll get a gloomy, cerebral post-punk/shoegaze tune that will hopefully stay on repeat for some days. ‘No Palindormes’ is ‘a deep jab at rape culture, white supremacy, and hypocritical misogyny‘.  Brilliant.

Artist: Baby Jey

Track: ‘Someday My Space Cowboy Will Come’

Canada has gifted with numerous awesome indie bands/acts over the last years. Judging by the immaculate, ear-melting tune ‘Someday My Space Cowboy Will Come‘, Baby Jey could be another one.  The Edmonton, Alberta band is a groundbreaking, nostalgic indie-pop track, that would make Tame Impala blush with jealousy. Exaggerating? Mmmm, dunno but I really love this, hopefully “Someday Baby Jey will come to my hometown…”

Artist: Love Jerks

Track: ‘Apocalyptic Make-Out’

Save the date: November 2nd. Why? Cause Love Jerks’ debut album, ‘Million Movies‘ will see the day of light, and will fill you with tons of indie optimism. San Francisco duo will make you dance, laugh and let yourself loose, and probably forget your Instagram profile for a few minutes. I am pretty confident that the great The B-52’s will love their aesthetics. Hope you enjoy the video as much as I did! ‘Apocalyptic Make-Out‘ is an instant tonic injection…


Track: ‘Evidence’

We have already shared SHIELDS‘ ‘Evidence‘ as part of this playlist, in case you missed it. British alt/psych pop breathe some really fresh air in the brit alternative scene, and are the living “evidence” that brit music is still alive & kicking. Without losing a single second, SHIELDS perfectly mix electronic with art-pop and alternative rock. And, by all means they love Muse as much as they love Prefab Sprout to give you a hint. Gorgeous stuff.

 Hey, repeat after me:

Where’s the evidence? Where’s the evidence?
Where’s the evidence? Show me the evidence
Where’s the evidence? Where’s the evidence?
Where’s the evidence? Show me the evidence

I think it’s maybe time I made a move 
I’m building a case I just need the proof
Can’t fight this feeling yes I think I know
It’s no good feeling I have to go

Artist: Tanners

Track: ‘This Town’

A month ago Tanners were integral part of the 2nd round of Indie-Coaster with ‘Empress In Reverse. Today she’s back with ‘This Town’, where synths are pure magic. Taking full  advantage from her background in music technology from her studies at NYU, her music is not only passionate and catchy as hell, but also a mastery in technique. Indie electro at its best!

Artist: Curt Parr

Track: ‘AN ANGEL’

The opening track off Curt Parr‘s ‘WHITE METAL‘ (an abstract commentary on a future London, sonically detailing and critiquing it’s structures, hyper-professionalism, politics, embracement of new technologies and the coping ability of it’s citizens.), ‘AN ANGEL‘, is the perfect opener for this post-modern “soundtrack”. Despite the fact of being indecisive to include this opus on this edition of Indie-Coaster, the metal elements, and the noise sound waves made me go for it.

This Londoner knows no boundaries. Curt is a sonic explorer, and this is a great opportunity for all you indie kids, to cross the line. Will you dare enter the dystopic universe of Curt Parr? I bet most of you will..

Artist: Das Body

Track: ‘Graceland’

A great 2nd single (after ‘Boys‘) from an upcoming debut EP. Das Body deliver the goods with ‘Graceland‘, a compulsive electro-pop gem, with references to artists such as Chromatics and Lykke Li. In just over 3 minutes, Das Body (Ellie Linden, Kim Granholt, Patrik Alm, Didrik Karsrud) sound like veterans in the genre,  From Norway, with love! Looking forward to the quartet’s debut, out on Luminelle Recordings.

Artist: United Ghosts

Track: ‘Ride Baby Ride’

Another 2nd single in the row, this time from L.A. based psych rockers United Ghosts.The band’s 2nd album ‘Saturn Days‘ was recently released via Cleopatra Records, and while listening to ‘Ride Baby Ride‘ I got almost in the dreamy atmosphere, soothing keys, harmonic voices and an irresistible indie/psych haziness. A perfect treasure.

Artist: Color The Night

Track: ‘Eyes Off You’

As the press reads, the Austrian band Color The Nightare on a mission to bring back the funk“. No better proof than their debut single ‘Eyes Off You‘, a groovy, indie-electro tune to dance and move your body. Summer is almost over, but hopefully this great track will get better with repeated play… Until summer 2019!

The band quoted about ‘Eyes Off You‘: ‘Drop it all and dance into the night – hand in hand with your love on a magic carpet of music‘.

Artist: Heartthrob Chassis

Track: ‘Check You Out’

Detroit-based Heartthrob Chassis create “full-of-vitamin” garage rock music! Their frontwoman, Margaret Doll Rod, (former Demolition Doll Rods) performs like the ideal riot grrrl for 2018, and ‘Check You Out‘ is a primitive garage tune, that will make your day. Margaret spits the words over derailed guitar riffs, and continuous pulse drums (hold your breath for the next 127 seconds!). A pure sonic addiction.

Artist: Garda

Track: ‘Wind/Lights’

If you like Tindersticks or Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, then you should definitely pay attention to German band Garda. Their latest video from upcoming album ‘ODDS’ (out on September 28th), is an ode to lyricism. ‘Wind/Lights‘ is a dark-folk, almost acoustic track, with an atmospheric video (shot & edited by Nora Otte & Hans Bauer) that will keep you company in the “lonely”, upcoming Fall nights. Mesmerizing, with an astonishing climax!

If you are somewhere near, make sure you catch them live:

Tour Dates:

29.09.2018 – DE, Dresden, Beatpol w/ Ensemble Tanderas

20.10.2018 – DE, Braunschweig, Staatstheater

23.10.2018 – DE, Berlin, Funkhaus w/ Ensemble Tanderas

24.10.2018 – DE, Rostock, Jaz

26.10.2018 – DE, Jena, Kassablanca

27.10.2018 – DE, Karlsruhe, Cafe Nun

19.12.2018 – DE, Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie w/ Ensemble Tanderas

(more to be announced)

Artist: Charles Fauna

Track: ‘The Boatman’

In the previous Indie-Coaster, we featured Charles Fauna‘s ‘Something Human. ‘The Boatman‘ is taken of the artist’s ‘Eulogy EP‘ and the Brooklyn-based talent is experimenting with contradiction. A harsh synth almost interrupts the soft melodic vibes and soothing keys, preparing the listener for the absolute climax. Hair-raising tune.

Couldn’t think of a best end for this 4th edition of Indie-Coaster.

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