This is a “free pass”, so get on the Indie-Coaster for a 15-track ride of indiepop, jangle pop, psych, alternative, indie electro & indie rock!

Artist: Social Drinker

Track: ‘Let Me Know You Made It’

What’s most intriguing about Atlanta’s Social Drinker‘s song ‘Let Me Know That You Made It‘ is the mild, bitter-sweet vibe that is audible in its every single second. This gem is indie-electro at its best, with some very warm synths and some ‘heartily’, honest lyrics. “No, it’s not the first time...”

Artist: Uncomely

Track: ‘Fun Times’

Leeds-based Uncomely recently surfaced the video for ‘Fun Times‘, a grunge-punk-funk dynamite, powerful enough  to destroy your speakers! This is the lead track off their upcoming ‘Games People Play‘ EP (out July 27), and it’s more than a good taster to build our appetite.

Regarding the great video, frontman Artyom has stated: “We collaborated with a cinematographer who’s had their work featured at Cannes Film Festival to create the video for the track” and continues “It was filmed at the disused American Cold War listening station in Berlin, Teufelsberg (German for Devil’s Mountain). We were really inspired by the site’s history and how it has since become a hotspot for street artists, musicians and videographers.”

Artist: Strange Neighbors

Track: ‘Too Much’

What I love most of Strange Neighbors‘ ‘Too Much‘, is its simplicity. Yes, you read well. Strange Neighbors sing about love, in  an old-school way, far from the social media madness. The rhyme “I think of you too much!” sang by Aidan & Zach is just hair-raising. DIY indie kids from New York just did it! Stunning.

Artist: Fidelity Project

Track: ‘On The Way’

Fidelity Project (Southern Californian singer/songwriter Brian Hall) has/ve created some effortless melodies for upbeat, melodic ‘On The Way‘. Taken from Fidelity Project’s debut EP ‘Out From Under‘, this gem bridges modern indie rock with classic rock, of as the bio reads “the past with the present“. I think I’m listening to some DIIV-influenced guitar parts…. Endlessly playable.

Artist: Wsabi Fox

Track: ‘Yes Ma’am’

Art-prog mistress Wsabi Fox (in life Brooklyn-based multi-disciplinary performance artist, Jennae Santos) has recently aired the video for ‘Yes Ma’am‘, a 7-minute opus of angular guitar loops & claustrophobic, cyclical rhythms, enough to knock down the most hip listener. Wow, and this baritone saxophone, is straight from the no wave era. John Zorn, are you listening?

Yes Ma’am‘ is the first single off Wsabi Fox’s debut EP, ‘GUSHING‘, out digitally and on limited edition cassette tape on Floordoor Records.


Artist: Foresteater

Track: ‘Unbutton’

Behind Foresteater “hides” singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Mikey Pro, and ‘Unbutton‘ is a harmonically-rich, “weird”, psych gem with some really catchy vocals. Mikey has the ability to write playful, indie-pop tunes, although they have been inspired by endless nights of insomnia (read below). Thumbs up!

This is what Mickey revealed about the track: “I often have trouble sleeping and this song came from one of those nights. It was 4am and I literally could not stop my mind from going. I got out of bed and started strumming my acoustic and singing the chorus of this song thoughtlessly. I just wanted to out of my head. I don’t think I ever got to sleep that night but at least I got a song out of it. I think the song is about observing people in the world around me and watching them live their lives and make changes all while I feel stuck in one spot, in my head.“.

Artist: Tender Glue

Track: ‘Rudy’

Tom Gluewicki is the mastermind behind alt-folk project Tender Glue. His bio reads in the about section: “Tender Glue (noun): Not a person. Not a band. Music made by an urge to create.” ‘Rudy’ proves 100% this statement. This is the 3rd single from upcoming album called ‘Closet Leftovers‘ (on his own imprint Don’t Label Me Records), written about 6 years ago and inspired by a girl he met once: “And if I go; Roll one for me; Cigarettes you used to smoke; Hope you will quit“‘. Recorded in a closet, with some really distinctive vocals, this may be your very own….Rudy.

Artist: CARDS

Track: ‘Periphery’

Periphery‘ is a stylish summer jam by CARDS (solo project of LA based producer/songwriter Mike O), ‘to be heard at beach parties and BBQs‘. Cannot agree more with this description, since ‘Periphery‘ is a delightful yet dynamic track, capable of getting us off the chair, and make us playfully dance without second thought. Catchy as hell!


Track: ‘Dark All Day’ (feat. Tim Capello and Indiana)

GUNSHIP (Dan Haigh & Alex Westaway & Alex Gingell from U.K.) are a synthwave/indie-electro outfit, that last week aired their latest video for ‘Dark All Day‘. Firstly, the video is real masterpiece in Japanese anime style (by Angry Metal Studios) with a twist near the end (we highly recommend to watch this!). The track itself is pure “epicness”, that creates ultra high expectations for the forthcoming self-titled album, out on October 5th.

A must-see; A must-listen. And, last but not least, Tim Capello is on sax!

Artist: Topographies

Track: ‘Pink Thoughts’ 

Pink Thoughts‘ is the debut single from Bay Area, more-than-promising, indie band Topographies. Put in the mix: 25% indie, 25% shoegaze, 25% post-punk and 25% dream pop, and 100% JAMC attitude & there you have it, an ace single with a hallucinating video shot on B&W (directed & edited by Julian Gabriel Bendaña). A must for 2018!

Artist: Black And Blue

Track: ‘High Friends In Low Places’

Black And Blue is a NYC-based alternative band and they are about to release their debut EP ‘Object Of Desire‘, due out on July 27. Cleverly called ‘High Friends In Low Places‘ is a panorama of influences such as R&B, pop, rock and funk of unique brilliance. Press the button below; Thrill ride guaranteed.

Artist: There’s Talk

Track: ‘In Your Hands’

Elusive and hazy dream-pop from There’s Talk (led by Oakland based multi-instrumentalist Olivia Lee), and their track ‘In Your Hands‘. Taken off the 2018’s EP ‘Bathed Water Moon‘, this one is a seductive, ethereal tune with some extremely distinctive fairy-like vocals by Olivia. Pure gem!

Artist: Logan Archer

Track: ‘Shaylee & Tarantula’

Logan Archer from Bakersfield, CA, creates bedroom indiepop and his ‘Shaylee & Tarantula‘ reminds me of the early 90’s days of seminal bands like Flaming Lips, or even Radial Spangle (do you remember them?). This one is a perfect treasure of weird melodies, and definitely a grower to invest some repetitive listens on.

The bar is raised with lyrics such as “Don’t you know you’re a good kid, no matter what you did?” and “the world can’t save you, but you sure can go and save yourself“.

Artist: The Over Unders

Track: ‘One Fine Day’

Brother-brother duo from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, The Over Unders unleash a sound that will transport you to early-mid 90’s bringing in mind the golden era of alternative/ brit-pop acts. Is this enough? I guess not. But, this ‘One Fine Day‘, is just a great tune, cause it reminds us that “life is too short to be sad or get caught up in too many details“. Instant classic.

Artist: Spiller

Track: ‘Nine’

Plant rock. This is how Spiller self-describe their music, since their sound doesn’t fall under one genre. ‘Nine‘ is a lazy, indie rock/jazz/emo tune that flows unobtrusively, and may hypnotize you and throw you into lethe. Wow! This is far from exceptional….

Curator: Christos Doukakis