This is a “free pass”, so get on the Indie-Coaster for a 15-track ride of indiepop, jangle pop, psych, alternative, indie electro & indie rock!

Artist: Elwhaeko

Track: ‘Over Think’

Kingston upon Hull quintet Elwhaeko define themselves as dark indie acoustic pop. Their latest video for ‘Over Think‘  is 5-minute indie masterpiece but above all as the press release states: “What’s important to remember is that every word in the Three Minute Heroes project is written by young people aged 11-25 in Hull & East Yorks. It’s their voice, their concerns and their message in their own words. If you want to begin to understand what troubles young people we implore you to listen to the songs and performances they write, because that’s all you have to do to become a Three Minute Hero. And listening is all they ask of us.

Beyond music…

Artist: Chirpy

Track: ‘Go Easy’

The 2nd track ‘Go Easy‘ from the debut album ‘Chirpy‘, is as mystagogic as it could get. Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Dublin, Ireland, Chirpy, simply performs in a groundbreaking way. Her unique vocals ‘dress’ the track uniquely and the result is a hard-to-forget dark indie pop gem. Try this!

Artist: Leiah

Track: ‘Surrender’

Do you recall Sweden’s emo-punk pioneers Leiah? I bet some of you do! The pioneering band is back with a killer new track ‘Surrender‘, and it marks their return in 16(!) years. Listening to ‘Surrender‘ on repeat, we could easily understand that the band is in top form, still capable of creating larger-than-life emo-punk anthems. Welcome back Leiah! We needed you…

Artist: Brendon Moon

Track: ‘Blue Moon’

Blue Moon‘ sets off as an almost acoustic ballad to explode after the 3 1/2 minute to a fuzzy cyclic riff-ing “beast”! No, I didn’t expect this one. Brendon Moon‘s angelic voice doesn’t warn for such a crescendo.

I am pretty confident that Greg Calbi‘s signature (mastered by him at Sterling Sound) is a trademark for this unique piece of art. Probably I spoiled it a bit, but you should definitely press the play button below. Australia has done it again!

Artist: Seafret

Track: ‘Can’t Look Away’

North Yorkshire darlings Seafret return after a 2-year hiatus with ‘Can’t Look Away‘, and we definitely ‘cannot look away‘….

Speaking about their new single they say: “After touring flat out following the release of our debut album, it feels incredible to release some fresh new music. It’s been a while coming so we are doubly fired up to release ‘Can’t Look Away’ as the first glimpse of the EP we shall be releasing in the near future. In contrast to our debut album that was recorded in London, we’ve recorded all the new music up in Scotland. By once again removing ourselves from our comfort zone we feel it’s had a great effect on the music and kept it exciting for us. We’ll always only put out music that feels honest to us but by changing our surroundings we feel it’s made us produce music that sounds fresh and new. We hope the fans enjoy it as much as we do.


Artist: Summer Magic

Track: ‘Hey!’

Hey!‘ is the debut single from St. Louis musician Summer MagicKevin Bachmann (former Lapush, Troubadour Dali) is the driving force behind Summer Magic and if you are fans of artists such  as Wild Nothing, Broncho, Kevin Morby but above all you are a Summer addict, then ‘Hey!‘ is 2018’s summer indie tune. Prepare your surf boards and let it flow…

Artist: Tanners

Track: ‘Empress In Reverse’

What I like most from Tanners‘ recent single ‘Empress In Reverse‘ is the positive vibe the listener obtains from listening to this. A positive vibe we desperately seek to feel in our everyday lives, and it’s sooo very important. This is ultra-catchy indie electro at its best. So, you better dig this!

Artist: Magic Bronson

Track: ‘Knock It Off’

LA based duo consisting of Michael Nicastro and Matthew Lieberman, Magic Bronson, creates immaculate psych rock tunes, like ‘Knock It Off‘. Starting off with the lyrics “are about a wild psychedelic trip that’s taking place at a bar in the East Side of Los Angeles. The lyrics were originally inspired by the cover art of Father John Misty’s debut album “Fear Fun” we tried to paint a picture of being under the influence at a bar or club and having all these strange characters coming up to you and trying to either be your best friend or hitting on your girlfriend and feeling a bit tripped out about the whole situation. You keep telling yourself none of it is real so you might as well just let go and have fun with the situation“.

The music could be defined under a new genre, called Magic Bronson! Their sound is pretty much their own one, boiling psych rock influences with 90’s indie ones. Top tune!

Artist: The Velts

Track: ‘Rollercoaster’

Ready for some indie/post-punk music from Malta? Yep, The Velts are a Maltese post punk/psychedelic/indie band and ‘Rollercoaster‘ is one of the most memorable and addictive tunes of 2018. As the press release reads “think early 80’s indie crossed with Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd“, adding to this their flawless melodic lines and the great vocals, bringing great Robert Smith in mind. Catchy as hell!

Artist: The Hannah Barberas

Track: ‘Now (Is Here At Last’

Here at Last Day Deaf we try to support DIY as much as we can. So, we couldn’t leave out of Indie-Coaster the DIY/ home recording four-piece based in New Cross, South London, The Hannah Barberas. ‘Now (Is Here At Last)‘ is taken from the self-released debut EP, and it;s a great indie pop gem in the vein of the immaculate Sarah Records‘ releases. If you think indie, then this band should accompany you for quite along time. Highly recommended.

Artist: Sreym Hctim

Track: ‘Lint Roller’

Mmmmm, where to start from with this one? Brooklyn based Mitch Myers ( of Hear Hums and Peace Arrow) introduces us his new “adventure”, Sreym Hctim, with ebullient ‘Lint Roller‘. If Frank Zappa, were in his 3os today, he might sound close to Sreym Hctim, or he would love to at least.

To get a better idea: “With the amateur flailings of a childhood recorder, pluckings from an eight string mini harp tuned differently throughout the song to achieve every desired note, and tinkering with a cello bow to emulate string sounds on an old bass guitar, Mitch refuses to give up on a childlike imagination that has guided his music experimentation for years.

Artist: Cherry Slide

Track: ‘Red Alexander’

Red Alexander’ is the first single from Cherry Slide‘s debut album, out August 10th digitally and on limited edition cassette on Being Records. Cherry Slide is a brand new project from NY, whose sole member is Dale Humphries. Three “e’s”, Eclectic, Ecstatic & Endlessly playable. Pure indie pop jam!

Artist: Sleepwalkers

Track: ‘Reasons To Give Up In You’

You have numerous “reasons to give up in“.. Sleepwalkers. One of them is ‘Reasons To Give Up In You‘ with the distinctive 60’s vibe all through the track, and the sublime vocal harmonies. If you close your eyes, while listening to the track, you may transfer to an era, where flowers still blossom, and people still smile at each other. Loveable!

Artist: Gina Brooklyn

Track: ‘Warning’

Gina Brooklyn is only 17 y.o. and she sounds capable of great things. Gina is an Award Winning Singer/Songwriter/Multi-instrumentalist, and here latest video for ‘Warning‘ is a stunning piece of art. Gina’s voice is simply a perfect treasure, we feel lucky or even blessed to have discovered. Despite her age, she sings with the maturity of an accomplished singer. I wouldn’t like to compare this “girl” with any other singer. She is unique, and we adore her. On repeat!

Artist: Wetzlar

Track: ‘Waiting’

Last stop for 2nd round is in South Africa with the very promising project Wetzlar. Their press release reads:”This is the first single and video from Wetzlar – a music project written and performed by Marc Hoberman in Cape Town, South Africa. Recorded through Apple Earphone microphone for a new textured (hopefully interesting!) sound“.

Darkish, addictive and embroidered with some awesome sound effects.

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