This is a “free pass”, so get on the Indie-Coaster for a 15-track ride of indiepop, jangle pop, psych, alternative, indie electro & indie rock!

Artist: Chateau Chateau

Track: ‘Crisis Party’

Well, well! This one is an immaculate, uplifting, indie pop, synth-based (debut) single by Tucson indie pop band Chateau ChateauBlake Milliser (Vox), Alex Hamby (Guitar, Backup Vox), Zane Emory (Guitar, Keys, Harmonica, backup Vox), Tom Hopper (Drums, Keys, backup Vox), and Myles Hamby (Bass,backup Vox) sound really cool on ‘Crisis Party‘ with a rich-textured sound, ready to conquer your indie i-pod! C’mon, show them some love; They deserve it! Definitely, one of the vital tunes for 2018’s summer.

Artist: The Lulls

Track: ‘Not Bad’

What I love most about The Lulls‘ latest track ‘Not Bad‘, is its notable, killer bass. Not, that I dislike anything to be honest. In particular, this gem couldn’t be less than ace since it was recorded in upstate Connecticut at Stone Studio and mixed by Kurt Feldman (DIIV, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart). Worth mentioning also, is the singer’s compelling expression! “Indie-fying”…

Artist: Group Photos

Track: ‘Frequency’

Group Photos are a 4 piece band from San Bernardino, California and ‘Frequency‘ is a memorable indie tune with dream-pop elements and some quotable lyrics like:

‘…Without a lapse of warrant,
The time is catching up with me
When there’s no affiliation,
Well what am I to see
I must have forgotten your image
I must have forgotten your way
And I can’t remember the reasons
When you’re subtle on decay…

Rad & sexy…

Artist: Grace Gillespie

Track: ‘Lady Make Believe’

We recently featured the stunning track ‘England‘ on the Buzzz column by Grace Gillespie, and today we are happy to share few words about ‘Lady Make Believe‘. This is a rather more straight-forward gem than the previous one, revealing the “poppier” side (leaving aside the psych elements) of the London-based artist and producer. Simply striking!

Artist: The Matchstick Skeletons

Track: ‘Told Ya So’

A James Brown/Lemmy love child nobody asked for.” Very cool description indeed for the debut single (and a video ode to Quentin Tarantino) ‘Told Ya So‘. Yes, the track totally lives up to our expectations, and it’s certainly worth listening/watching the video til  its very end. Especially, after the 3rd minute love the way the song ‘derails’. Raw & catchy as hell. Looking forward for more by this electrifying Canadian indie rock/blues band…

Artist: Tony Bullets

Track: ‘Sad Boy’

I cannot simply resist in the exceptional, bitter-sweet indie awesomeness that Tony Bullets exhale in every single second in ‘Sad Boy‘. Just take a look at those lyrics, while listening ti this indie delight:

I’m such a dingus 
I’m such a dumb kid 
Why aren’t I happy 
I’m such a sad boy 
I know I’m funny 
but this isn’t funny 
Yeah, real sweet 
Don’t you want to be a sad boy like me?

All of my homies 
All of my lovers 
Fucking me over 
You mother fuckers better 
stick around 
So you want to be a sad boy like me?

Instant crush!

Artist: Sun Kin

Track: ‘UBI’

Sun Kin is the alias for the alt-pop singer, born in Bombay, Oakland-based Kabir Kumar. ‘UBI‘ is indeed “that simple melody (we) need” as Kabir sings in this track boasting simplicity, along with musicality. There has been some great synth work done on this gem, and the melody is just flawless like we are transferred to the 90’s Golden era. Don’t expect magic, nor Time-machines tricks… Just press the play button!

Artist: Caoilfhionn Rose

Track: ‘Awaken’

Another spectacular debut single, for this exciting 3rd round of Indie-CoasterCaoilfhionn Rose teams up with Gondwana Records for her debut album. ‘Awaken‘ is the title track of her debut and is a very promising one undoubtedly. Beautiful and soothing vocals for a song that is about ‘noticing nature and everything around you, about taking a step back from your problems and going for a walk outside‘. Vini Reilly of legendary act The Durutti Column was right! 

The song is accompanied by a cool video created by Rich Williams & People Staring.

Artist: Charles Fauna

Track: ‘Something Human’

Charles Fauna is a Brooklyn-based musician serving indie electro. And he’s doing this in the best way, judging by ‘Something Human‘. Rich sonic palate, inspiring synth-work, and as Fauna states: “Something Human’ is about letting go of love as an absolute. As a cure all for every problem. As as all that we need. It’s a song about looking for something bigger. Some feeling, some greater connectedness that we are too preoccupied to experience because of how afraid we are of not having love in our lives. Something that binds us to systems of life, nature, and each other. I get flashes of this feeling, but I don’t know what it is or how to describe it. The song is asking someone, anyone, for help in finding that elusive kind of connection“.

Sonic purity…

Artist: TheMightySmall

Track: ‘The Scar Runs Deep’

Paolo Morena is the mastermind behind the classic rock influenced project TheMightySmall. The first single ‘The Scar Runs Deep‘ from his fourth studio album is a stunning piece of art. Groundbreaking guitar work, powerful melodies and well-balanced, passionate vocals create a trademark sound experience unlike most of now day ones. Blues meet classic rock under an alternative ‘cloak’. A wholly unique venture… Bravo Paolo!

Artist: Lurid Dreams

Track: ‘Everyone & Everyone Else’

Are you ready for some magnifying indie/lo-fi from Michigan? If so, Ann Arbor and her solo project Lurid Dreams is your case! It’s like The Velvet Underground jamming in the same studio with Sebadoh. Add to the whole experience some poignant lyrics like those ones:

Underneath the stepping stones 
Underneath the broken bones 
Underneath the razor blade 
Underneath the gay parade 

Wisdom cannot explain 
Only stop you getting hurt again..

Maybe I confused you! No worries, just play the track below, and close your eyes….

Artist: Luna Rosa

Track: ‘Fear, Filth, Dirt & Death’

Luna Rosa is a quartet hailing from Corby Northamptonshire, and they create an explosive mix of indie with alternative bringing to mind the early years of Danish darlings Iceage. Their track ‘Fear, Filth, Dirt & Death‘ is an excellent example of their highly-energetic sound and since all the earnings generated from the single as well as merchandise sales will be going to the victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster, just head on to the link below… Ace!

Artist: Upwhirl

Track: ‘Depth’

Dark & beautiful! Talkin’ about the latest video, ‘Depth‘ by Nashville modern rock duo Upwhirl, Nina Green (vocals,bass) and Michael Green (drums). Their sound could be described as a mixture of diverse artists such as Siouxsie & The Banshees, Nine Inch Nails & The White Stripes, with a signature of their own. Featuring an adorably distorted bass!

Artist: Oli Hannaford

Track: ‘Considering Both Sides’ (feat. Marna)

22-year-old producer, singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Oli Hannaford is partnering with London based indie-pop singer Marna fro his latest single ‘Considering Both Sides‘ creating a blissful indie/electronica hybrid, highly-recommended for every indie music lover. “Boy meets girl” success story in a memorable track…

Taken from Oli’s first EP for Parisian label Splinter.

Artist: Pop Cautious

Track: ‘Sunshine’

Tyler Porterfield is Pop Cautious. Tranquility, The Beatles, indie, psych pop. What? Doesn’t make sense, does it? Well, listening and watching the video on repeat, I got lost in the magical journey Pop Cautious is generously offering. Trippy!

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