Nihilgod is a progressive/groove metal band which was formed in 2013. They have released a live demo which includes four powerful tracks and this year they are going to release their first EP ‘Point: Zero’. On January 20th they will perform live at BUMS in Athens with My Inferno, Trigger, Owl and Shatter.

You have recently announced the title of your first EP that is ‘Point: Zero‘ and it will be released later this year. In your bio it is mentioned that you were planning to release it earlier. What caused this delay?

There was a big delay due to the withdrawal of our ex-frontman Naal from the band. At the meantime, we kept rehearsing and writing new stuff, ’till we found Sotiris Alevizos (Tetractys). We had great chemistry, and then, after Sotiris officially joined the band, it was about time to start recording again, to finish the production of our first-born child ‘Point: Zero‘. Good things are on their way.

Which are the main lyrical themes in this new EP?

The lyrics of ‘Point: Zero‘ have rather a society-centered approach. We would say social phenomena and occasionally politics are our main themes.

Will this new EP include tracks from your live demo, and if not do you consider remastering and re-releasing it?

Well, the answer is no. Actually, our live demo isn’t available online anymore. It represents an early period of the band, when we were trying to find our “identity” as Nihilgod, and we thought it may confuse the audience. Since then, we’ve changed quite a lot our sound, our skills have been developed, (we even dropped our tuning), and took a completely new, more…aggressive and progressive direction. You never know, though, maybe someday we will make a remastered, a more “Nihilgod-like” version of those songs.

Based on the name of the band, would you say you look things in a nihilistic/pessimistic way?

This is an acceptable guess. But, we think “realistic” would be a more suitable word. There is so much inequality and poverty out there, there is crisis in world economy, there is crisis in ethics, and so on. The world is fucked up, the system is fucked up, and If you are able to read this, it means you are lucky enough to have at least the essentials for surviving in a modern society. But, things change, and are meant to change. So, no. We do not consider ourselves nihilists, but neither optimists. “Nihilgod” mostly represents a personal statement, a metaphorical redefinition of what is moral or ethical, against the stereotypes,  the rejection of every form of patronization and supremacy. Though, everyone is free to give their own meaning to what “Nihilgod” stands for.

Can you mention some of your main influences?

From Pantera, Lamb Of God, Megadeth, Meshuggah, ToolAlice In Chains, Dream Theater, to classical, hip-hop or even video game music.


What has been your biggest motivation to form Nihilgod and what is the driving force that makes you still going?

We love what we do, we have trust in what we do, and we all share the same ambitious “big dream” of touring and playing our music to new audiences around the world! Every member of Nihilgod has its own motives and reasons, as individuals, sure, but we think that the need for creation and expression is the mother of all motives in our art.

On January 20th you perform live at BUMS. Are you going to perform some new tracks of the new EP?

Indeed, you are gonna listen to every song from ‘Point: Zero‘!

Do you have any plans to play in other cities as well?

At the moment we don’t have any specific plan, because our first priority is the production of our upcoming EP. If anything occurs, though, we ‘ll make it sure you know it!

Thank you for your time! Close this interview as you wish!

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Photo credits: Alex Ch Photography

Mary Kalaitzidou