Owl is a groove/doom metal band based in Athens, formed in 2016. They are Ilias Dimos (vocals/guitar), Nikos Kominakis (bass) and Michalis Kominakis (drums). They are appearing at BUMS in Athens on January 20, along with My Inferno, Nihilgod, Shatter and Trigger.

Tell us a few things about Owl. When did you officially begin?

We began songwriting and doing live shows about one and a half year ago. We just try to make something original and something that we don’t listen too often.

You label Owl as a groove-doom metal band. Which are your main influences?

Gojira, Pantera, Mastodon, Godsmack, but we don’t limit our influences only in metal. Some other influences could be considered Rush, Primus, Weather Report.

There are two recordings you have uploaded on your official Facebook page. Is there an additional material and where can someone find it?

For the moment, there is no additional material. But we are closer than ever to release our first album called ‘Low‘ which you will find in most of social media like YouTube, Bandcamp e.t.c.

What are the challenges for a new band like you to act in times which are claimed to be difficult?

The most difficult part when starting a band is, first of all, to compose your own songs and make sure they will have an impact. Of course, another difficult matter is to find a way to do gigs because starting bands have a hard time finding places or bands to do gigs with. We just feel blessed for not having that struggle anymore

In addition to the previous question, what is your vision as musicians?

We hope to do the best we can and see how far we get.


On January 20th you perform live at BUMS in Athens. What can the audience expect from you to listen?

We would rather have the audience judge afterwards than expect beforehand.

You have already played in some live shows before. Do you have plans to visit other cities as well?

The more places the better.

When can we expect a release from Owl?

As we mentioned earlier, soon enough. We hope to have the album released in February.

Thank you for your time! Add anything you wish to close this interview!

See you in the show!

Photo credits: Persefoni Michou

Mary Kalaitzidou