Trigger started as an one-man band formed in 2002 by Kostas Lolis. After some collaborations and line-up changes Trigger aim to break the barriers and play metal without genre limitations. On January 20th they perform live at BUMS with My Inferno, Nihilgod, Owl and Shatter.

Your latest release, if I am correct, was ‘Hoax‘ in 2016. What has Trigger been up to since then? Are you preparing a new release?

At the moment we are in a recording process of our upcoming release. So far we have tracked down 10 songs.

You experiment on many genres and metal sub-genres. You mention in your bio that you “try to break the mold of today’s boring repetitive metalcore scene”.

Can you elaborate on that? Do you think that metal musicians are nowadays uninspired?

From the beginning of the band I think we wanted to sound unique in what we do. And every member in this band has different influences. There are a lot of good bands out there but the problem is that most of them want to sound like the bands that they listen to.

Has your experimentation been also influenced by the line-up changes or does Kostas Lolis set the rules in a way?

Every member in the band has put his own piece in the puzzle of what Trigger is today, by developing our style and expanding our sound.

Kostas is also responsible for the lyrics. Which are the main lyrical themes and what does mostly inspire you to write?

Just life in general. That’s the main influence for the lyrics and our perception towards it.

Do you consider going even further regarding your musical style, for example play electronic or do you prefer to remain in the field of the “extreme music”?

We always try to experiment when we compose new songs in the studio. Obviously they are still going to sound heavy and metal but we were always open minded as far as using new sounds since day one. Nothing too electro though that doesn’t sound like a human played it.


On January 20th you perform live at BUMS. What can the audience expect from you?

We always try to put our best show when we perform for our friends/fans who come to see us and of course our goal is to gain new friends/fans.

You have been quite active regarding live shows. What is the most important thing you have gained on this live experience?

In the last 13 years we have learned a lot of  things and have grown up as musicians. Every show is always a challenge to prove ourselves and not disappoint all those who paid a ticket and came to see us. The greatest satisfaction for us is to just play the music we love and share our passion for music with you, as well as sharing the stage with great bands.

Thank you for your time! Feel free to close this interview!

Thank you for the interview Mary. Hope to see you all at our show on January 20th @BUMS!!!

Photo credits: Nikoleta Stamataki

Mary Kalaitzidou