My Inferno is a young and promising 5-piece melodic metal band hailing form Athens. This Saturday, January 14th (along with another four bands) will perform their debut ‘Inhuman EP’ at BUMS. So, if you are anywhere near Athens, you should definitely check them out. For the meantime, Phil Roussos (vocals) & Mark Suli (lead guitar, backing vocals) introduce the band to our readers in the best way…

Would you like to introduce My Inferno to Last Day Deaf readers?

Phil: We, as My Inferno, are a melodic metal band from Athens, Greece. We are 5 good friends, who love playing music. We are: Phil Roussos on vocals, Mark Suli on lead guitar and backing vocals, Billy Sinner on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Fotene Paul on bass guitar and last but not least, Helen Nota on drums.

On January 14th you are going to release your debut ‘Inhuman EP’. Would you like to tell us about it then?

Mark: This EP is the result of some hard work and cooperation between us. We have put a lot of effort on it, a lot of time, and we like to think of it as an introduction to our sound, and of course to our next releases.

Continuing on the same date (January 14th) you are going to appear in BUMS (Athens,Greece) for a special live release show. What should we expect apart from performing live ‘Inhuman EP’?

Mark: We are lucky enough to have some friends come over and open the night for us. They are 4 fantastic bands. Expect the best from these guys, they will definitely set the right mood. Then we will be playing, as mentioned, the ‘Inhuman EP‘; performed in its entirety, and we will have some well-known covers as well.

Being lucky enough to having listened to your EP prior to its release, I dare say that for a new band like  yours, it’s a pretty solid release. In addition, you are not afraid to add a lot of melodic parts in your compositions! How would you describe your sound?

Mark: Thank you very much for your kind words. We tried our best to make the best thing possible, and we believe we did a decent job. As to the melodic parts, I will hand this over to my “partner in crime”, Phil.

Phil: The plethora of melodic composition which can be found on the EP, comes from our culture actually. We as Greeks, have the melody bound in our DNA or so to speak, it’s a vital thing in our culture. This influenced us into writing densely melodic parts and we actually love melodic parts in general.

This one is a more personal question regarding Phil Roussos. Apart from My Inferno you are also the “mastermind” behind Simplefast. Don’t you want to concentrate on one main project/band or is it matter of personal expression. To be more precise, why running two bands at the same time?

Phil: Simplefast is like family to me, and together we’re dominating the Greek underground stages for over 4 years now but I always had a need for something more aggressive, a bit more technically advanced and versatile. That’s why I’m in 2 bands at the same time and because I believe that right now I don’t have to concentrate on only one band.

When the lights go out and the music stops both Simplefast & My Inferno are my friends and I treat them like they’re my family!


Back to ‘Inhuman EP’, one of the songs that really caught my attention is the cataclysmic ‘Trigger Discipline’. Would you like to share some thoughts about this? Which was the main inspiration behind it?

Phil: ‘Trigger Discipline‘ is a song about war. But not in the cliché kind of way. We tried to describe war from a higher point of view. This means that we tried to see what’s happening higher up in the roots of wars, and who is the cause of all this. Also, we tried to depict the dehumanized state at which soldiers are, and how affected and influenced they are by the wars they are participating in.

Which bands have mostly inspired My Inferno’s sound?

Mark: Bands such as Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, Slipknot and Dream Theater, have played a great role in shaping our taste and our inspiration.

Are you planning to record your debut album sometime soon? Probably within 2017?

Phil: We have a long way till the end of “Inhuman” since it hasn’t already begun though we have this in the back of our minds but we can’t say for sure if it will be within 2017

Thank you for this one. Anything else you’d like to add…

Phil: We’d like to thank you too for this interview and we’d like to say to the readers that we’d be happy if they’d check us out. Links down below:




Photo credits: Maro Chrys (Karma-in Art Design) (1st one), Johnny Koliopoulos (2nd one)

Christos Doukakis