If you suffer from claustrophobia, we suggest you to skip this exclusive track stream. Don’t dare say we didn’t warn you! So, what do we have here: Imagine yourself locked up in a dark cell, dimming lights, with creaking sounds surfacing from everywhere, and a drone-y pulse lurking from the bowels of the earth (maybe hell?). Dense soundscapes, creepy atmosphere; In other words, welcome to Nelegat‘s universe, or underworld if you prefer. So, this is an exclusive for every fan of experimental, drone electronic sounds at its very best. Enjoy ‘Clockwise‘… Opus!


Nelegat exists in the underworld of Sofia’s electronic scene with sporadic but memorable appearances. ‘Intolerance’ is his debut release and it offers a painfully beautiful introduction into his concrete but hellish world. Nelegat’s invasive sound has a lot to do not only with raw techno and ambient but with pure digital noise as well. ‘Intolerance’ is an intense and permanent sonic build up. It’s structured by neurotic ambiance, convulsive noisescapes and climaxes in deceivingly hypnotic technoid offerings.

Out Sept 7th via Amek Collective on tape limited to 50 copies.