20 electrify-ing(!) tales from the recent digital electronic “crop”. From gabber to dubstep and even further…

Children of our Stars – ‘Free Fall’ 

The German outfit Children of our Stars is opening this Electrified number, with the track ‘Free Fall‘; A highly cinematic aural experience balancing ideally betwen drum n’ bass, breakbeat, but also hints of future bass. Taking in to account that this is just their 3rd single, we could easily state that COOS is more than a promising act, and already lloking forward to the 4th one! Greedy? Go check yourselves below!

Sun Lite – ‘M.O.T.H.E.R.’

Next up we have a Belgian one-man project called Sun Lite and the 11+ minute elegy ‘M.O.T.H.E.R.‘. This one is an ultra medidative experience, a psychedelic drone and above all a tribute to the artist’s mother, who passed away not long before the creation this video. After the 3rd minute, the track starts to build-up with a motorik, synth-rock sound bringning in mind  ‘Noise‘-era Archive but also the 70s legendary German, kraut rock bands. Masterpiece! 

Nightflyer – ‘Looking Back

The chillsynth/synthwave artist from Toronto, Nightflyer, recently gifted us with the dreamy synthwave gem ‘Looking Back‘. The dreamy soundscapes will conquer your mind, soul & body for weeks to come, and perhaps transfer you to another time & place.

The single is out via FiXT Neon

Aalson – ‘Serene’

We never say no to a progressive house hymn, mixed with melodic techno, especially if it’s been created by French ‘prodigy’ Aalson. ‘Serene‘ is taken off the recently released 2-tracker, and it’s an authoritative, mind-blowing electronic experience, clocking nearly 8 minutes, that builds up and builds up to reach up to the heaven. Yup you guessed well, this one is an immense piece of electronic music for the summer end. For the summer that we never lived. Bu we had ‘Serene‘.. At least!

Kamandi – ‘Scene Kid Destroya’

Kamandi hails from New Zealand and this is not the first time his art is featured on Last Day Deaf, since we firmly believe on him. ‘Scene Kid Destroya‘ is by far the best sample by him, an experimental breakbeat banger with witch house references; Just think of The Third Eye Foundation jamming with White Ring and later on joined by Knifehandchop. Killer track!

LVNT – ‘Nokturn’

Time to relax for a bit, with the meditative, jazz-hop latest creation by American ‘beatmaker’ LVNT, ‘Noktrun‘. The melancholic piano is ideally combined with the rich layers of sound and the noir vibes, and the unfolding beauty of this tune will keep you engaged for days, or perhaps nights!

Mellowdine – ‘Wide Awake’

London based producer Mellowdine is back with the new EP called ‘Apart‘, from which we chose ‘Wide Awake’; A melodic downtempo/idm track with deep house vibes and indie electronic elements (yes there are some sweet vocals too!).

What we loved most, were the rich, warm textures and the feeling of escape (ideal for the COVID-19 quarantine). Turn this up loud!

Elskavon – ‘Brooks’

Elskavon is the ambient/drone project of Minneapolis-based musician Chris Bartels, who also writes and records albums as Bora York and Hi-Fi Cali. ‘Brooks‘ is taken form his recently released album ‘A Welcome Noon‘, a 4-minute drone, a sacramental listening experience, in which the field recordings (Oh these birds!), add to the perfection of this “unique tapey, droney, dusty ambient journey“.

Neander Hamilton – ‘Wild’

Neander Hamilton is a Melbourne-based composer-producer with a love for dark music and anything that lends itself to a curious musical mind. ‘Wild‘ is an experimental electronic treat, flirting with noise, that will keep you stuck on your chair with its edginess and ‘drum-less experiment in saw waves and distortion‘. Poetic and ‘wild’!

Zak Vortex – ‘Shadow Dancer’

Zak Vortex has been a frequent ‘resident’ of our SynthCity column for the past few months and this time he’s featured on Electrified, with  an uncommon, 80s influenced synthwave treasure, that blends synths, bass, guitar and even slide guitar.  According to the artist, ‘Shadow Dancer’ ‘is ideal for playing loud whilst playing retro video games. It is also heavily influenced by 80s And modern Tv and has a Stranger Things vibe‘.

Jarro – ‘Contort’

Contort‘ is the opening track from Jarro‘s debut album ‘Gores‘; Reading-born musician, composer and producer is combining intense, gloomy soundscapes with downtempo excellence and bold experimental spirit. His sound has the makings of the great Meat Beat Manifesto, and in particular ‘Subliminal Sandwich‘-era.

Mxrxll – ‘It’s All The Same’

It’s All The Same‘ is the final track from 24yo producer and guitarist from Chicago, Mxrxll‘s (pronounced More-L if you’d like) upcoming EP, ‘Real Close‘, and is an infrequent, top-notch blend of trip-hop with witch house. Pure addiction and absolute soundtrack of the ‘urban void’!

JOEYTAPES – ‘amber’ (original mix)

If ‘Vakio‘-era Panasonic (they were still called Panasonic when that album was released!) sounded more ethereal and trippy,  then the result may have sounded like the exquisite ‘amber‘ from JOEYTAPES, an ambient techno masterpiece heavily inspired from the raw energy and chaotic environment of Los Angeles.

Stereo_IMG – ‘Ethical & Moral Lines

Montreal producer and live performer Patrik Haggart aka Stereo_IMG delivers one of the industrial ambient hybrids, called ‘Ethical & Moral Lines‘, we have heard for a while. The track is taken from the artist’s recently released album ‘Generation of Gods‘, out on North Of Nowhere. Dystopic and highly energetic!

Scott Stevenson – ‘Doctor Rumzin’

Aussie citizen Scott Stevenson strikes back with an “out-of-this-planetary-system” downtempo jewel, ‘Doctor Rumzin‘, in which outstanding technical skills are combined with unique artistry to result in a ‘fantastical journey of despair and hope‘. This 6+ minute masterpiece is by far the best sample we have heard from Scott, and also defining 2020 for electronic music. A must for every electronica music fan. Lost in the infinity!

Electronic Warbear – ‘Dreaming’

Dreaming‘ is one of the tracks from Electronic Warbear‘s latest release, ‘The Last Dance EP‘; It’s the ideal antidote to ‘world going to crap‘ the last period, and hopefully most us will find comfort in this astral ambient-vaporwave-chill-hop track.

Ladies & gentlemen we are floating in the warm, Electronic Warbear’s  fluffy clouds.. And we hope this doesn’t end soon… 

LutchamaK – ‘Their Future’

LutchamaK is a French electronic music project with very stong techno influences but not only, and best proof for this is the latest album ‘Moments‘, which is a journey where 12 tracks will lead you from techno, synthetic pop, EBM, house, expérimental, electro, retrowave. From this we chose ‘Their Futurean ‘113 bpm acid techno track, where the 3o3 bassline is our Ariadne’s thread‘.

Mole Machine – ‘By A Deepfaked Power’

Mole Machine is the moniker for  the originally from France, Jeremy who is an autodidact producer who spent years in recording studios and on European roads with his post-rock and pop bands as a multi-instrumentalist. ‘By A Deepfaked Power‘ is taken form his recently released album ‘Dancing Plague‘, a stormy, techno electro gem with production at the highest level! Try this….

Fantazma – ‘Like a Flower’

Forma Viva‘ (out on Forestdelic Records) is the latest release from psychedelic trance duo project based in Slovenia, Fantazma. The opener ‘Like a Flower‘ is a stellar mix of old-school psy-trance with forest. Pump up the volume!

Youth – ‘Saturday Night’ (original)

Ending in absolute glory with the full-on, goa trance anthem ‘Saturday Night‘ by Youth, out on seminal label Dragonfly Records. How many bpm’s can you endure?


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by Christos Doukakis