20 electrify-ing(!) tales from the recent digital electronic “crop”. From gabber to dubstep and even further…

Henri – ‘Last Dance’ feat. Imogen Rose

Henri (aka Henrietta Tiefenthaler) is creating some great deep house vibes with her latest track ‘Last Dance‘ featuring the eerie vocals by Imogen Rose. Great production, catchy melody lines and larger-than-life beats will transfer you to the 23-hour dance planet!

ATLiens – ‘Exile’

Secretive duo ATLiens recently unveiled another killer tune called ‘Exile‘. If you wanna listen to some serious trap, grab the chance and press the play button below. Don’t expect an easy way out from this killer tune. Includes some great sound samples too. Pump up the volume!

The Washboard Abs – ‘Never Finds You’

This is the 1st single off The Washboard Abs‘ ‘Lowlight Visions‘, out August 17th, 2018 on Antiquated Future Records. A blissful, chillwave/indie tune that will make you feel refreshed and ‘draw’ a huge smile on your face… Will you resist?

Tasos P. – ‘Untitled’

There are days that you just feel down and don’t know the reason. If this is the case for today, I suggest you try the ‘Untitled‘ track by Tasos P.. Its warm nostalgia will wash away all the negativity and make you wanna listen on repeat. Accompanied with a great video by Urs Basteck

Iris Manta – ‘Canvas Electron’

The opening track ‘Canvas Electron‘ by Greek electronic artist Iris Manta (aka Manos Zafirakis) off his latest album ‘Kilonova‘ starts off in a Krawtwerk-ish style to take off and become a sublime electronic journey unlike most cases. Please, fasten your seat belts. Taking off…

Rommek – ‘Grey Wacke’

Industrial soundscapes, menacing rhythms, dark vibes. This is Rommek, and ‘Grey Wacke‘ will certainly be one of the best candidates for high-tension electronic techno. Out on Blueprint.   

Sigha – ‘Flare’

Token Records‘ signature is audible in the latest release by Sigha. Specifically, ‘Flare‘  is a sonic adventure of its own. You may call it experimental techno, but in plain words, it’s a playful dance anthem with an irresistible vibe, that will keep you stuck for days…. 

Vivante’s Playground – ‘Mama Earth’

Last Day Deaf has never hidden its love for goa/psytrance music. ‘Mama Earth‘ (138 bpm) by Vivante’s Playground is an addictive goa/progressive tune featuring some interesting vox from Kama Kamila. Californian label Sting Records is aware… You?

01-N – ‘Escape’

Japanese Goa Guru, 01-N ( aka Takashi Oikawa) is back with another goa blaze! Out on the always reliable Timewarp Records, the 10-minute opus ‘Escape‘ will bring you back sweet memories of early Hallucinogen

Pure Dreams – ‘Iced Up Tokyo’

Iced Up Tokyo‘ is 150 seconds of slo-fi/vapourwave that Pure Dreams from Chicago, Illinois, easily achieves. For endless moody nights…

Jardin – ‘ÉPÉE’

French chap Lény Bernay is behind Jardin‘s project. ‘ÉPÉE‘ is the perfect example off the upcoming self-titled album: Ghetto house and industrial techno at its best is a “testimony of the artists’s queer, social and humanist gaze over our urban, tech-infused and policed society“.

Raver Blaster – ‘Hardcore D33P’

Italian citizen Salvatore Patanè is Raver Blaster and ‘Hardcore D33P‘ is a gabber/hardcore techno tune off his latest EP ‘Buckshot Ep‘. 7 minutes of old-school gabber for you crazy-heads to enjoy!

T∞mas – ‘magl (re)’

This is some mysterious music from Swedish visual artist T∞mas, who likes experimenting with Audacity and Cubase, 7 minutes of electronic experimentation that lead to..?..

Sasha Darko – ‘CЯISIS’

Sasha Darko is a multi-genre music composer/producer, game developer and writer, and this one is killer witch house tune that will haunt you for dayzzz!

SoLaRiS – ‘Nostalgia’

Nostalgia‘ is a space ambient with ethnic references journey whose pilot sits bravely in the cockpit, and is the grand prize winner of the ‘Madmen & Dreamers’ remix competition, SoLaRiS from U.K. Epic!

Proluke – ‘Morning In The Forest’

Released today, under the tropical house genre. Ultra-fresh sounds by Russian project Proluke, you may find some interesting vibes in ‘Morning In The Forest‘. Sit back and relax…

Nebulosa – ‘Battle Of The Paragons’

Dungeon synth from New York? It could be a joke, but it isn’t! Atmospheric dungeon synth that “derives inspiration in equal parts from tales of the weird and fantastic” by Nebulosa. Make sure the story too!

Wyvernsnout – ‘The Beast In The Maze’

Another dungeon synth track with soundtrack feel is the latest by French project with the strange name: Wyvernsnout. You might not recall the artist’s name, but all fans of “Suspiria” should give this a try…

Sphat-90 – ‘Telepathic’

Retrowave couldn’t be absent from Electrified column. The genre’s ambassador for the 2nd Electrified is Sphat-90, or Mike Spencer from England if you prefer. ‘Telepathic‘ is an immaculate cinematic/retrowave track ideal for endless night drives. 

Param – ‘Distorted Dreams’

Last stop is Brisbane, Australia with the GumShoe label.  Some excellent downtempo/vapourtrap music by Param, to remind us how distorted our dreams have become… Power off!


Electrified, current#1

by Christos Doukakis