20 electrify-ing(!) tales from the recent digital electronic “crop”. From gabber to dubstep and even further…

Phenatiks – ‘Bad Bitches’ 

Los Angeles duo Phenatiks create some seriously addictive G-house on their anthemic tune ‘Bad Bitches‘, a definite banger for any u/g dance-floor. Come on, get yourselves on this spectacular heavy bass driven track.

Available as a free download courtesy of The Boat House.

Etyen – ‘Elephantasm’

Elephantasm‘ is the impressive opener of Beirut-based producer (& Red Bull Music Academy alumni) Etyen‘s debut self-tiled EP. In almost 6 minutes Etyen manages to unleash some of the finest, delicate techno soundscapes of 2018. The word promising, is probably underestimating…. 

Out through Finnish label Youth Control.

Todd Tobias Chloë March – ‘Ma Leila Lulla

A recording engineer, producer and musician working in Northeast Ohio, Todd Tobias teams up with singer-fairy Chloë March in oreder to travel us to dreamy places far away form the urban environment. ‘Ma Leila Lulla‘ is taken from ‘Amialluma‘ and is an ideal example of this album’s ambient/drone/atmospheric exploration. Album out through Hidden Shoal Recordings and Tiny Room Records

Elephant Talk – ‘Cosmo’

Elephant Talk is made up of Bobby Renz & GrandBankss. ‘Cosmo‘ (ending track off ‘Vol.1‘ EP) is a highly energetic electronic gem mixing genres like bossa & psych. Dedicated to all music lovers, and open-minded listeners! Out via their own Text Me Records

Bels Lontano – ‘Orchard’

U.S. based Bret Bohman is the mastermind behind Bels Lontano experimental act. ‘Orchard‘ unfolds Bret’s talent in creating ultra-seductive, ‘out-of-orbit’ experimental soundscapes that catapult the listener to a magnificent, electronic oasis. Hyperbolic? Just press the play button…

Loom:ngs – ‘Sullenblue’

Zola Johnson‘s Loom:ngs is an eclectic indie electronic project, and ‘Sullenblue‘ is an ambitious, flawless indie electronic tune that will “stick” on your favourite playlist for days. Addictive…

Make sure you also check their ‘Chapter One‘ EP!

Peace to Mateo – ‘Dream Of Peace’

Matt Black is a Detroit producer that creates music under the Peace to Mateo moniker. ‘Dream Of Peace‘ (tagged as splash-hop!) is a dreamy, chill-out track containing elements of trip-hop, dub, dream-pop, and glitch hop. Released on Black’s own imprint Young Heavy Souls Records.

Deru – ‘Torn In Two’

Emmy Award winning, American composer, music producer, and sound designer Benjamin Wynn is Deru. ‘Torn In Two‘ increases our impatience for his set for release on October 19th album via Friends Of Friends. Get prepared for a 6-minute microtonal. experimental mindfuck!

For a complete audiovisual experience, check here.

The Rungs – ‘Grindstone’

Crazy synths, alt-pop catchiness & a healthy touch of experimentation for the second single, ‘Grindstone‘, off Brooklyn based The Rungs‘ upcoming EP, ‘Everyday Visions‘. 

Mandy, Diwas, and Steven are The Rungs and they just sound “extremely perfect”! 

PaetGig – ‘Midnight Hall’

PaetGig is a 24 year old producer/musician from Germany, and ‘Midnight Hall‘ is his debut single. If you would like some answers of how tech-house could sound like when using real instruments, like bass guitar, guitar or piano, then you should definitely check out this rare gem. Radical!

Brigade – ‘From Dogs We Come’

Berlin’s Brigade create a sensuous, downtempo, -almost hypnotic- ambient house opus hearing in the name ‘From Dogs We Come‘. 

This is what the duo stated about the track: “Not as in 1001 Dalmatians. More like the dogs of war or Snoop Dogg. This is the Berlin mantra now. You should try chanting it. Cult status in the truest sense of the word“. Pure magic!

Sabriel’s Orb – ‘Secret’

Sabriel’s Orb is the latest musical project by Utah based artist Willow Sky-Biggs. ‘Secret‘ comes as a huge surprise, since seldom do we have the chance to enjoy to such an impressive ambience like in this 10-minute opus. If you close your eyes, turn the volume up, then this one may take you to a flight somewhere near stratosphere.

If you like artists such as Steve Hauschildt and Hiroshi Yoshimura, then Sabriel’s Orb, will make your day! Limitless.

John Atkinson – ‘First Rain of the New Year’

John Atkinson (formerly of Aa) shares the same label with Sabriel’s Orb, Whited Sepulchre Records. ‘First Rain of the New Year‘ is a fine example of experimentation, field recordings and out-of-limits ambient for the daring ones! Will you be one of those? Well, you should!

Shigeto – ‘Fight Club

It’s about time to rhythm up a bit with Shigeto‘s ear-melting, future bass track ‘Fight Club‘. Michigan-based artist returns with “another eclectic display of affection for Motor City music“.

Weighted‘ EP is due out on September 28th on the always reliable Ghostly International.

Richard Devine – ‘Opaque Ke’

IDM/ glitch behemoth Richard Devine needs no special introduction. It’s been almost 6 years after his last album, but Devine sounds in great form on ‘Opaque Ke‘. Reliably solid & inventive ready to spread spine-chilling emotions.

Sort\Lave‘ is due out on Venetian Snares‘ Timesig imprint, November 2nd. Until then…

Sangarang – ‘What We Had’ (feat. Sara Benyo)

What We Had‘ is an intoxicating, future bass track by uprising producer Sangarang, featuring some cool vocals by Sara Benyo. This tune will make your Monday!

The Chainsmokers – ‘Save Yourself’ ft. NGHTMRE

The Chainsmokers join forecs with NGHTMRE to create a trap “beast”: ‘Save Yourself‘ is accompanied by an awesome lyric video, you should watch below!

Tyler (NGHTMRE) has been a good friend of ours for some time and we always talked about how great it would be to work together on a song. We have always been a huge fan of his style of producing and thought that if we came together on a song we could make something really unique and badass, and the idea of making something really gnarly was very appealing. We come from the dance world, those are our roots and we are really excited to release a song that is deeply rooted in that with NGHTMRE. We think our fans will be really excited about this one!” – say The Chainsmokers.

Airhead DC – ‘Honey-Colored Flame Blown Off My Candle’

A finely-calibrated mix of chillwave, experimental pop & cool indie on Vishal Narang‘s project, Airhead DC and the song ‘Honey-Colored Flame Blown Off My Candle‘. 

Taken off ‘Crush Hi‘, set for an October 26th release on Danger Collective Records.

Koalas – ‘Sandcastles’

Koalas is a Manchester synth-pop duo, influenced by the likes of electronic artists such as Boards Of Canada and Caribou. ‘Sandcastles‘ is an upbeat, ultra-catchy track combining soaring harmonies with some bleak lyrical work as they explain: “Sandcastles started out as a reaction to a particularly bleak news day, I remember looking at the headlines all lined up and it felt like everything was just unravelling in real time. The song is about that disconnect between how normal every day life feels in comparison to the surreal, disturbing world events going on around us that push the doomsday clock ever closer to midnight. The track combines these two dissonant feelings; on the surface the joy and introspection of a summer getaway that operates as a metaphor for what we might do in our final hours in the event of a nuclear warning.” 

At The Psychedelic Circus – ‘Changes’

Ending this Electrified, with the Dutch outfit At The Psychedelic Circus, and their tremendous blend of electronica, dub, ambient, downtempo & psychedelic! Yes, ‘Changes‘ is a very interesting sonic palette, indeed; Like Jan Vermeer‘s vivid drawings…


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