20 electrify-ing(!) tales from the recent digital electronic “crop”. From gabber to dubstep and even further…

Regression – ‘Confused’

Out on underground techno label from Aachen Germany, Physical Techno Recordings, Regression‘s ‘Confused EP‘, and the title track is a killer dark minimal techno anthem…


Heather H Celeste – ‘Morning Star’

Self-described as a “Paramodular Techno Producer“, Heather Celeste, from L.A., creates some awesome claustrophobic minimal techno/minimal wave sounds for outstanding ‘Morning Star‘ to dance to. Ace!


Buruciaka – ‘L.A.B’

Did the 9-minute experiment in the Buruciaka‘s ‘L.A.B‘ succeed? Find out by pressing the button. Out on Aachen’s Kalmary Records. Minimal tech/house for the patient ones!


Cow Cablin – ‘Carte’

Dreamy jazzy house from Perth, Australia and Cow Cablin‘s ‘Carte‘. A pure gem for the lazy morning hours…


Field Theory – ‘Acid Party’

Is acid back? Probably the answer is positive judging by the excellent ‘Acid Party‘ from UK based ‘house’ producer Field Theory. From the unique Manchester label Sprechen with the diverse release policy.. Wake up ravers!


Neolithic Vox – ‘One Night At Goa’

Filip Stoyanov from Sofia is behind the Neolithic Vox project, and as you might have guessed ‘One Night At Goa‘ is a great homage to 90’s goa trance. Addictive!


Fevelli –…60,000 Metaphysical Thoughts & 1 Physics’

Fevelli comes from Moscow, Russia, and what he manages in his 10-minute slow-burner opus ‘…60,000 Metaphysical Thoughts & 1 Physics‘ is to set the alarm for a unique trance state. Bring it on!


Dark Matter Project – ‘Carcharodon

Visiting London and one of latest releases by hyper-productive Sun Hole Records that specializes in breakcore, noise, witch house and experimental. This is Dark Matter Project with breakcore tune ‘Carcharodon‘.


Greedy Apple – ‘Mateus

Greedy Apple is a independent music project by Andrews Senna. His 4th album, ‘Mateus‘ is dedicated to his late friend Mateus Pascoal. Experimental electronic music with some very clever twists. Check this out!


Lunyx – ‘Without You

Vaporwave, vaportrap, audio manipulation? Whatever this is, ‘Without You‘ by Lynyx, is a downtempo masterpiece, for all the broken hearts…


Serafim Tsotsonis – ‘Looking For You

Looking For You‘ is the latest fixation of Greek producer Serafim Tsotsonis, an ideal sample of blissful electronica to dance, dream and get lost with…


Mark Spn – ‘Year One

Cinematic idm/electronic track ‘Year One‘ by Mark Spn, proves the chap’s love for music & films. And we prove our love to him including him in our very first Electrified…


Aergia – ‘Fetish

Aergia (Greek: Ἀεργία, “inactivity”) is a goddess in Greek mythology, a personification of sloth, idleness,indolence and laziness. She is the daughter of Aether and Gaia. She is said to guard the court of Hypnos in the Underworld. Aergia is the transliteration of the Latin Socordia, or Ignavia.” Aergia comes from Germany, and ‘Fetish’ is a horror-pop/experimental track like Cabaret Voltaire flirting with Aphex Twin.


Wisteria Q – ‘Spring Contour

Ready for some gabber from Japan? If so, Wisteria Q with ‘Spring Contour‘ won’t ruin your appetite!


Lem – ‘Night

If you are into glitch-pop “weird kind of thing”, and if you have got fed up with Autechre, then you might find ‘Night‘ by Lem an interesting “oasis”. Out on Moscow’s Ulitka Records.


Giles Appleton – ‘Leaf

Giles Appleton from Reading (U.K.) is a special case. ‘Leaf‘ is an eternal piece of broken beat. Hold your breath, and… Action!


NekoArc – ‘Dis Gonna Be Guud’

Yes you are right NekoArc! Very “guud” indeed! Chiptune, synthwave and electronica mixed in the blender, with 2 tons of inspiration, and there you have it! A massive dance-floor anthem! Respect!


Golden Tetra – ‘Why Are You So  Far?’

Golden Tetra from Belarus is a cool vapouwave/chillwave artist. ‘Why Are You So Far?‘ is better enjoyed if you follow the exhortation: ‘Just relax and open your mind‘.


Rotten Wolf – ‘Cult Of Necrophages’

‘Cult Of Necrophages’ is an abysmal witch house track from Colombia-hailing Rotten Wolf. In less than 2 and a half minutes we are ready for the ‘ritual’…


Somatic Rituals – ‘Cap Skirring’

Last, but not least, Somatic Rituals from Basel, Switzerland, with ‘Cap Skirring‘. Laid-back ambient house that will keep you intrigued til its very last second.

by Christos Doukakis