Beyond Boundaries is a 10-track playlist aiming to feature 10 “out-of-the-box”, outstanding gems!  Not exactly unclassified, but certainly unique and uncommon.

“Sound Explorer”: Christos Doukakis

Seine & Mauvais

(idm, glitch, experimental)

Quick pitch: Idm glitch from outer space with fre(ak)e jazz influences….

A Sea of Dead Trees

(post-rock, folk, doom metal)

Quick pitch: One man band from Glasgow, specialising in Doomy Shoegaze with folk & post-rock elements…

JAF 34

(post-rock, ambient)

Quick pitch: Post-rock/ambient with some real heart, lost in the “social media emptiness”. A must-watch video!


(glitch, experimental, drum & bass)

Quick pitch: “The Auditors” uses a 3:3:2 d’n’b pulse, accoustic source material and generative sequencing to construct a tense and moody beat with a strong narrative.

Freakin’ Disco

(electronic, jazz, techno)

Quick pitch: The music blends the precision of electronic music with improvisative jazz elements, in the triangle of electronica, space music and techno.


(dark ambient, drone)

Quick pitch: Intense & cinematic dark ambient gem with drone elements from Austrian artist Lichtriss.


(smooth jazz)

Quick pitch: Hungarian jazz collaborative project Àbáse live track “Align” featuring French/Nigerian artist and FKJ / Darius collaborator Wayne Snow.


(experimental, trip-hop, sound samples)

Quick pitch: Unpleasantville (Kim Halliday) has created the perfect soundtrack to the impending chaos.


(jazz, classical)

Quick pitch: OTOs is a musical performance duo of pianist “OHJI” and zendrumer “puloco”. They write and perform music based on classical, jazz, country, rock, world music and so on.

Jan Roth

(jazz, piano solo, instrumental)

Quick pitch: The earth swings through space. Seen from here the sun rises and sets, music is in the air, lovers love, food is ready. And Jan Roth – the grand seigneur of cultivated understatement? Four aces fall out of his jacket.


Eric Schusser


Beyond Boundaries, one

Beyond Boundaries, two

Beyond Boundaries, three

Beyond Boundaries, four

Beyond Boundaries, five

Beyond Boundaries, six

Beyond Boundaries, seven

Beyond Boundaries, eight

Beyond Boundaries, nine

Beyond Boundaries, ten