Beyond Boundaries is a 10-track playlist aiming to feature 10 “out-of-the-box”, outstanding gems!  Not exactly unclassified, but certainly unique and uncommon.

“Sound Explorer”: Christos Doukakis

D Fine Us

(blues, electronic)

Quick pitch: Mixing raw live recordings with polished studio work, these songs were created in desolated bar rooms, wide open fields, and friend’s living rooms..

Marcus Elkjer
(classical, soundtrack)

Quick pitch: Inspired by the cold and rough Scandinavian nature as well as the pulse of the city of London, ‘Scenes’ is a captivating debut EP with its moody and cinematic piano compositions, current electronic textures and hints of dark pop.

Khyaam Haque

(instrumental, new age, classical)

Quick pitch: “Hinterland” is the second single from modern classical composer Khyaam Haque’s concept album – Minutiae of an Iridescent Mind”.

D.S. Wilson


Quick pitch: This song was literally written at the last minute “under the wire” prior to the final studio sessions that were scheduled for completing the album Stella Rose. The music portrays the frenzy of the conflict between writer’s block and sudden inspiration.

Lee Triffon

(trip-hop, experimental, synthwave)

Quick pitch: “Grow In Me” is a melodic and meditative track based on an analogue synth sequencer, that keeps evolving into a swell of dark analogue bliss of old fashion sounds in a new and cutting edge arrangement.

Savan DePaul

(acid pop, idm, glitch)

Quick pitch: A track that gives true meaning to “acid pop.” IDM, glitch, trip hop, and dance combine in audiovisual format to create something odd yet sensual.



Quick pitch: “IV” is composer Machinefabriek aka Rutger Zuydervelt’s collaboration with Marianne Oldenburg who provides a vibrant vocal tapestry in under 2 mins.

Guest of Rapture

(idm, electro)

Quick pitch: A collage of aggressive and endearing sounds that grips the listener and never lets go.

Kan Sano

(jazz, electronic, breaks)

Quick pitch: A keyboardist and track maker, Kan Sano studied jazz at Berkley Music College.

D.S. Wilson

(smooth jazz, funk)

Quick pitch: This song was originally written for (and included in) a movie soundtrack for an independent film. I cleaned it up and re-recorded it for the new album Stella Rose. Blurring the lines between Smooth Jazz, Funk and Pop with sultry saxophone melodies, funky grooves and tasty keyboards & guitar.


Chris Doornbos


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