Beyond Boundaries is a 10-track playlist aiming to feature 10 “out-of-the-box”, outstanding gems!  Not exactly unclassified, but certainly unique and uncommon.

“Sound Explorer”: Christos Doukakis

Danya Vodovoz

(jazz, instrumental, retro)

Quick pitch: “King of Cool” is a jazzy retro tune from my upcoming album called “Nostalgia” where my focus was to create a sonic cinema for the mind.


(hip-hop, jazz)

Quick pitch: Groove tune with jazz/hip-hop vibes from jazz pianist and producer Baraka.


(ambient, drone, experimental)

Quick pitch: A new, unknown sonic territory from Swedish artist Ikonisk.


(experimental, hip-hop, avant-garde)

Quick pitch: Mysterious and spooky Halloween release, Conscious music featuring award-winning clarinetist. With Berklee honor Produce.


(IDM, electronic)

Quick pitch: Maveth is a introductory track to the sinister and spooky sound I am starting to develop as an artist and want to continue with going forward.

Lola’s Ghost

(electronic, experimental)

Quick pitch: “Night Dance” is the first single from my upcoming debut LP, All the Fears.


(afrobeat, electronic)

Quick pitch: The award-winning and Gilles Peterson-approved Danish supergroup Kalaha returns with the Highlife inspired single ‘Mama Ngoma’.

Joel PatonDeer Venom

(dark, new wave, folk)

Quick pitch: A haunting, eerily disconcerting song…

RedNeko Plane

(post-rock, experimental, stoner jazz)

Quick pitch: The modified saxophone, together with bass and drums, melted with ambient effects and ferocious distortions create what we call stoner jazz or dark jazz, a cluster of all our musical interest and heritage.

Ghost Stories


Quick pitch: This song is about my own paranoia of being unable to escape the news anymore and how that’s fracturing my psyche. The world is overwhelming.


Kevin Lange


Beyond Boundaries, one

Beyond Boundaries, two

Beyond Boundaries, three

Beyond Boundaries, four

Beyond Boundaries, five