Beyond Boundaries is a 10-track playlist aiming to feature 10 “out-of-the-box”, outstanding gems!  Not exactly unclassified, but certainly unique and uncommon.

“Sound Explorer”: Christos Doukakis

Shubh Saran

(jazz, instrumental, cinematic)

Quick pitch: Epic-cinematic-drop goodness.

Kaos Protokoll

(cinematic, jazz, post-future)

Quick pitch: Swiis cinematic jazz/ post-future gem.

The Adam Price Group

(afro-jazz, clarinet)

Quick pitch: Off the debut album from clarinetist and multi-instrumentalist Adam Price.

Alaskan Tapes

(ambient, drone)

Quick pitch: The brainchild of composer Brady Kendall, who set out to explore different approaches and craft songs that aren’t only about memorable melodies, but also about texture and depth.


(instrumental, hip-hop)

Quick pitch: No music was sampled. All instruments were played by me in hopes of having continuity in playing and a more human feel than some electronic music

D.S. Wilson

(jazz, instrumental)

Quick pitch: This song has really beautiful Spanish-style acoustic guitar melodies and solo in a call-and-response with Rhodes and Saxophone.


(idm, glitch, dub, Indian)

Quick pitch: This track features the astounding Sitar player Eric D. Vaughn, as well as many other classical Indian influences and styles.

Vanexel Wickel

(experimental, contemporary r&b)

Quick pitch: I paint music for those who can’t hear it…

Jesse Woolston

(ambient, drone)

Quick pitch: Wave Remnants, part of NOVA EP, highlights the beautiful dynamic of our galaxy.


(instrumental, no wave, indie rock)

Quick pitch: Bauhaus meets No Wave meets indie rock as these highly skilled musicians bend time signatures, rhythms and chord progressions on the fly.


Sarah Marino


Beyond Boundaries, one

Beyond Boundaries, two

Beyond Boundaries, three

Beyond Boundaries, four

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