Presenting 10 fresh gems of the recent hip-hop/ conscious hip-hop, rap, cloud hop, contemporary R&B, trap crop. In other words, today’s “underground” urban culture.

handpicked by: Christos Doukakis

Cameron Nino – ‘Ice Cream’  feat 100 Miles & Isabelle Rae

Snazzy Phade – ‘Only She Knows’  

Avi Jay D – ‘Goodness’  

Kojo Easy Damptey – ‘Giants’  

Bamis – ‘Ace Of Spades’  

ROCHESTER – ‘Lullabye’  

Reyn Hartley – ‘Snitch’  

def.sound – ’12th Ave. & Jefferson’ 

Rasheed Chappell – ‘Shorty Rock (Pt.1)’  

Rita Klara – ‘U & I’  


Urban Hymns, rhyme 1

Urban Hymns, rhyme 2

Urban Hymns, rhyme 3

Urban Hymns, rhyme 4

Urban Hymns, rhyme 5