Presenting 10 fresh gems of the recent hip-hop/ conscious hip-hop, rap, cloud hop, contemporary R&B, trap crop. In other words, today’s “underground” urban culture.

handpicked by: Christos Doukakis

Tanner Molique – ‘Waste My Time’ 

E Dot – ’14 Carat Strings’ 

Mark Ferg – ‘Pull Up Flex’

A.Luck – ‘Life Goals’

Justin Delugian – ‘Vipussy’

Play Rae x Brody – ‘Racks In’

Rhyval – ‘Bonita’

Armand Hammer – ‘Rehearse With Ornette’

Human Growth Harmony – ‘A Whole Wide World’

Azure The Paradox – ‘DIABLO’


Urban Hymns, rhyme 1