Presenting 10 fresh gems of the recent hip-hop/ conscious hip-hop, rap, cloud hop, contemporary R&B, trap crop. In other words, today’s “underground” urban culture.

handpicked by: Christos Doukakis

***In memory of Mac Miller***

Mac Miller – ‘So It Goes’  

The Mouse Outfit – ‘Cut Em Loose’ (feat. Berry Blacc & Kinkai & Layfullstop)

Sabrina Sounds & Westmore  – ‘Me Myself And I’ 

Baran – ‘Someone’ 

Yellow Shoots – ‘Sirens’ 

Nomad Chad – ‘Tuition’ 

Chop Clark – ‘Do Work’ (feat. Skyzoo)

Oloff – ‘Weary’ 

Tieran – ‘Be About It 

E Dot – ‘Without You’ 


Urban Hymns, rhyme 1

Urban Hymns, rhyme 2

Urban Hymns, rhyme 3

Urban Hymns, rhyme 4