Presenting 10 fresh gems of the recent hip-hop/ conscious hip-hop, rap, cloud hop, contemporary R&B, trap crop. In other words, today’s “underground” urban culture.

handpicked by: Christos Doukakis

KozL0ve – ‘club queen’ 

Dray Solis – ‘Get Right’ 

Keenan The First – ‘I Believe You’ 

Navan – ‘Leave Me Alone’ 

Jamar Carr – ‘Sellin Dope’ 

Timi Tamminen – ‘Big Boys Don’t Cry’ 

Obi Khan – ‘SYBIL’ 

Roses Gabor- ‘Illusions’ (feat. Sampha) 

Kayo Genesis – ‘Cinema’ 

Logic – ‘The Return’ 


Urban Hymns, rhyme 1

Urban Hymns, rhyme 2