This 4th edition of Ready to be your Soundtrack includes indie rock by Brit band Camens, innovative psych rock from Spirit Award, a slow-burner punk/alternative song by Cedar Park, an instant (& emotional) indie pop hit by German act WHALE CITY, a unique blend of dream pop & psych from L.A. based band dielines, indie electro -full of positive vibes- by Israeli artist Omer Matz, a brilliantly titled indie rock gem by The Lengths, a “Mecano-meets-Angelic Upstarts” opus by New York based Mad Meg, a cinematic, bittersweet track by Sorinji & last but not least an almost fragile sublime track by “our” darlings Sonny Elliot.


Camens – ‘Slept on the Sofa’

Spirit Award – ‘Dark Night Of The Soul’

Cedar Park – ‘Knot’

WHALE CITY – ‘Echo Of Joy’

dielines – ‘Easy Does It’

Omer Matz – ‘Let Yourself Fall’

The Lengths – ‘Tired of Waking Up Dead’

Mad Meg – ‘Saving New York’

Sorinji – ‘Carry the Day’

Sonny Elliot – ‘Surrender’

[Pop art: Francisco Cerón]


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Christos Doukakis