How would Depeche Mode sound like if they ever decided to get lost in a psychedelic vortex? Yes, the answer is obvious, with today’s exclusive the enigmatically titled ‘Bombs Will drop‘ by WHOLE (Berlin duo of Alexander Leonard Donat and Thomas Schernikau); An electro-pop track almost ‘melt’ in its poetic psychedelia. Don’t be afraid though, ’cause ‘Bombs Will Drop‘ is above all a flawless, accessible gem, despite its genre complexity.

The track is taken off the upcoming debut WHOLE’s album ‘BIAS‘ on October 19th via Blackjack Illumnist Records.

Press Release:

WHOLE, consisting of Alexander Leonard Donat and Thomas Schernikau, is a Berlin duo that mostly sounds driven on “BIAS”, an often electronical album, with a penchant for gloomy, sometimes enraptured, but always warm, atmospheric and engaging songs. They may be poppy (“Lust/Terror”), noisy (“Get Away”), first self-confident and subsequently fragile and desperate (“Tides Made By Our Hands”) – and then you’ve just heard the first three songs.

WHOLE address the love of fellow human beings, partners, but also towards oneself and even materialistic things. It is only intact as long as the moment sustains through a unique connection. If it is interrupted, the bias takes the upper hand. Events already experienced influence or even hinder one’s future and let the self-image crumble in the present — people constantly want to assure their meaning in life, they are struggling with alienation, doubt, loss, being caught up in new situations.

Donat and Schernikau emailed each other their song ideas and sketches for two years and completed them eventually. The piano of the closing song “Amsterdam” results from a joint tour in 2009 where they met for the first time. The song deals with the fleeting nature of life. In the age of the internet, our mind, then the body, and finally our online presence slowly dissolve into bits and bytes.