An audiovisual collective, named Modified Dog, has just released their 2nd, excellent album ‘Memories21’. And yes they love Tortoise & Labradford. And yes they will hit the ILION Plus stage tomorrow, November 30th! And, of course you should by no reason miss them… 

You define Modified Dog as an audiovisual collective. Would you like to enlighten us a bit more about this? Firstly the audiovisual term and secondly the collective one…

Our aim is to perform in a 4D environment and to give the audience a full audiovisual experience. To do this we include numerous video projections/video mappings/installations in every place we play. The 4th dimension is sound. We are searching for details and elements in our sound that  have cinematic, almost visual impact. Our music is based on cinematography, has a script, has reasons and a scenario behind it. We play the soundtrack of our lives. Since 2014 we have acted as a collective which means that our members appear and disappear depending on our will, scenarios & projects. We collaborate with musicians, visual artists, directors, photographers, light artists, architects etc.

On November 30th you are going to present your latest album at ILION Plus. Any hints about this performance?

This is a presentation of our new cd/project ‘Memories21‘. At ILION Plus, two new members of the collective will appear. Kleon Antoniou (guitars & effects) and Iakovos Pavlopoulos (drums & percussion). The visuals, scenography and live mapping act are made by Kallia Triantafyllou. Some videos are made by Stratis Vogiatzis. The lighting by Tasos Paleoroutas.

Although your music is described as experimental, the pop (forgive the term) structure remains strong in your compositions. Would you agree with this?

We have no tense but to mix and compose every element that motivates and improves our compositions. Pop is a real love to us all.

Your 2nd album (Thirsty Leaves Music, November 2017) got released almost 7 (!) years after your debut ‘On The Run’. What happened this period in the band? Why did it take you so long to come back?

We live in different cities (Athens, Thessaloniki, London, Katerini, etc) so it is no so easy to get together and play. Also it takes time to be satisfied with ourselves and we need time… In 2018 we will make a new release as we have a lot of ideas kept in our computers.

The opening track in your latest album could be described as ‘TNT‘-era Tortoise drinking coffee with Labradford. Now this is a gem. Please discuss…

We love both Tortoise and Labradford! Summers and Winters spend listening to their work. ‘TNT‘ is one our favorites Tortoise albums. You can hear them somehow in the guitar sound & theme on the last track of ‘Memories21‘  ‘Little Hands‘. This title is about reborn and relief and was stolen from a friend’s song about his daughter.

Memories21’ is an outstanding piece of art. It’s already almost sold out on the Bandcamp. Did you expect this acceptance?

This is a surprise! We are very happy about it. The cd and the special edition which includes the engraving work made for the artwork, will be given away on local record stores and in our live performances. We may also release it on vinyl.


Which 2 soundtracks would you undertake and why? In other words, which two movies would you choose to write the music of?

Lost Highway” by David Lynch, because this movie captures an inner circle the way that only Lynch has the ability, kindness and childlike sense to make, and you finally see what is not visible.

Touch Of Evil” by Orson Welles. This movie must have the music it deserves.


A film by our friend Stratis Vogiatzis that has not been made yet…

Which other similar artists would you recommend we should pay attention to, from the local scene?

Sonny Touch, Harry Elektron, Manos Mylonakis, Stelios Hatzikaleas Quintet, May Roosevelt, Giorgos Christianakis, Silent Move, Babis Papadopoulos, Mohammad, Sancho 003 and a few others that I am missing…

What’s next for Modified Dog?

More shows, more music, more understanding, more friends to share our thoughts and stages and more music made by others to listen.

Photo credits: Dani Joss (2nd one)

Christos Doukakis