30 Kilo Słońca is a band from Poland with jazz, post-rock, melancholic and ambient influences. In 2015 they released their debut album. On December 2nd they perform live at SpaceFest! in Gdańsk.

Tell us a few words about 30 Kilo Słońca. When did you begin?

It began in 2015. From some time to time one of us saw the other one in some projects and in February 2015 we decided to create something together.

What does the band’s name mean?

The band name came from the graphic novel title “30 kb of desire” or something like that, literally it means 30 kilos of the sun.

What are you main musical influences?

We’re playing in a wide spectrum of genres with no limits. From psychedelic, post-rock and avant to experimental, noise and free jazz.

How many releases have you got until now?

We released one self-titled CD and currently we are waiting for the second album to be released. Premiere is scheduled for 25 of November which means that it takes place few days before the SpaceFest!. We can’t wait.

There are not many lyrics in your songs. Is there though a theme behind them?

At the debut CD we wanted to say something by using words, vocals and texts but we decided not to use it anymore on our upcoming album. We prefer when just music speaks.

Is the kind of music you play popular in a broad audience in Poland or does it belong mostly to the underground scene?

Underground scene.


You are performing live on December 2nd at the SpaceFest! in Gdańsk. What should the audience expect from you to hear?

What’s for sure is that we would like to play with elements of strong, noise material connected with free jazz, psychedelics and space rock. Ambient elements also may be included. All depends of the energy at the festival that day.

Have you performed abroad yet?

Not yet but we would love to!

Are you preparing new material for a future release?

As mentioned. New album is out on 25 of November. Will be released by Plaża Zachodnia.

Thank you for your time! Add anything you wish to close this interview.

Greetings for everyone, feel free to join us on SpaceFest!. Thank you for the chat.

Mary Kalaitzidou