Indie seduction will feature 10 cool indie (pop, rock, electro, psych…) songs, that every indie fan should discover asap.

Episode 9: The Participants:

LUC – United States  (SoundCloud)

JAC – United States (Facebook)

Misty Mtn – United States (Facebook)

GRAACE – Australia (Facebook)

The High Loves – Canada (Official Site)

Morningbird – United States (Official Site)

Baby FuzZ – Canada (Official Site)

Home State – United States (Official Site)

Boy Is Fiction, Ghosts of Tyto Alba  – Australia (Official Site), United States

Lauran Hibberd – United States (Official Site)


Luc – ‘Don’t Hide Away’

JAC – ‘3-6-5’

Misty Mtn – ‘Guess Who’s Back’


The High Loves – ‘Serotonin’

Morningbird – ‘You Freed Me’

Baby FuzZ – ‘Burial’

Home State – ‘Tried To Stay’

Boy Is Fiction + Ghosts of Tyto Alba – ‘Breathe’

Lauran Hibberd – ‘What Do Girls Want?’

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“Director” : Christos Doukakis