Indie seduction will feature 10 cool indie (pop, rock, electro, psych…) songs, that every indie fan should discover asap.

Episode 1: The Participants:

Mac Murray – United Kingdom  (Facebook)

Widespell – United States (Instagram)

Marquis Drive – United Kingdom (Facebook)

Lambing Season – Ireland (Facebook)

gv.grace – United States (Facebook)

Red Ribbon – United States (Instagram)

Carter Vail – United States (Instagram)

Tjuv – Sweden (Facebook)

Jay Bird – United States (Facebook)

Water District – United States (Facebook)



Mac Murray – ‘Magic’


Widespell – ‘Sweet Forsaken’

Marquis Drive – ‘Movin On’

Lambing Season – ‘Peter’

gv.grace – ‘Fuck Golf’

Red Ribbon – ‘Your Car’

Carter Vail – ‘Silent Movies’

Tjuv – ‘Bike Freedom’

Jay Bird – ‘Overboard’

Water District – ‘Dream With Your Eyes Open’


“Director” : Christos Doukakis