Indie seduction will feature 10 cool indie (pop, rock, electro, psych…) songs, that every indie fan should discover asap.

Episode 5: The Participants:

Good Coffee – United States  (Spotify)

Gabe Greenland – United States (Facebook)

Queenstreet Moonrunners – Sweden (Facebook)

Night Lights – United States (Facebook)

Young Rising Sons – United States (iTunes)

Castle Pines – United States (Facebook)

Jordan Vincent – United States (Facebook)

RKCB – United States (Facebook)

Lauren Rocket – United States (Facebook)

Stevie Meredith– United States (Bandcamp)


Good Coffee – ‘Trees’

Gabe Greenland – ‘Humanish’

Queenstreet Moonrunners – ‘Oslo 2010’

Night Lights – ‘Talk To Me’

Young Rising Sons – ‘Scatterbrain’

Castle Pines – ‘Change of Time’

Jordan Vincent – ‘Back Then’

RKCB – ‘Alone With You Pt. 2’

Lauren Rocket – ‘Diamond Nights’

Stevie Meredith – ‘Stay Inside’

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“Director” : Christos Doukakis