Indie seduction will feature 10 cool indie (pop, rock, electro, psych…) songs, that every indie fan should discover asap.

Episode 6: The Participants:

Hotel Life– United States  (Bandcamp)

Barry Bays – Australia (Facebook)

Blauka – Poland (Facebook)

Tallbird – United States (Bandcamp)

Jamie Adam – Ireland (Facebook)

The Haunt – United States (Official Site)

Hero The Band – United States (Facebook)

Coattails – United States (Facebook)

Leisure Club – Canada (Facebook)

The Syndicate– United Kingdom (Twitter)


Hotel Life – ‘There Will Be A Tomorrow’

Barry Bays – ‘Dynamite’

Blauka – ‘Zawzięcie’

Tallbird – ‘Sideways’

Jamie Adam – ‘Last Ones Down’

The Haunt – ‘All Went Black’

Hero The Band – ‘Lab Rat’

Coattails – ‘Waves’

Leisure Club – ‘Low Light’

The Syndicate – ‘Heart of Stone’

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“Director” : Christos Doukakis