Formed in 2009, the Athens based free spirited psychedelic rockers Circassian have returned with ‘Quadrivium’. A four track EP, it features standouts like “small indie masterpiece” ‘Proper Motion’. ‘Quadrivium’ is out now, and you can find the quartet on May 28th at Six d.o.g.s in Athens with The BackDoor Freaks.

Feel free to introduce Circassian to our readers. How did you first come together to create such blissed-out sounds? 

We started playing as a group of friends in high school. Somehow we’re still doing it and somehow we’re still friends.  Also, we don’t tie our music to a specific genre and that helps keeping it fresh.

For those who have yet to listen to the newly released ‘Quadrivium’, how would you describe the EP? What’s the general overall sense?

Quadrivium’ is probably our most feel good release to date. Its full of grooves and catchy (at least we think so) melodies and at the same time interesting and musically challenging. We also think it’s our most well rounded release yet. But, if you’ve listened to it let us know what you think because we suck at describing our music!

‘Proper Motion’, your first release from the EP, is something to play on repeat. Did the lyrics or melody come first for you? What’s the typical songwriting process like for Circassian?

Actually for ‘Proper Motion’ we started building the track on the main bass line and once the basic instrumentation was figured out, it evolved into its completed form. Most of our songs start from an idea that one of us will bring to the practice space and after playing around that idea and everyone adding their parts we eventually end up with a track. It’s not the fastest way of doing it but it seems to work for us.

What was your favorite track to write/record on ‘Quadrivium’ and why so?

Probably ‘(Non Finite)’. It was the first track we wrote for this EP and I think you can tell! We started writing again after a brief brake and ended up cramming enough parts for three songs into a five minute track!

Your music seems to be such a melding of inspirations, who would you say your main ones are?

That’s a hard one. All four of us contribute to the writing process and we all listen to different things. Some common influences are Radiohead , King Crimson, The Beatles and J Dilla.

Lots of your fitting artwork is created by Constantine Lianos, how does this collaboration come together?

Constantine is a good friend of ours that happens to be a really talented artist. Working with him is quite easy, we just send him the music and let him do his thing. He hasn’t let us down so far!


‘Licancabur’ is a favorite of mine from your debut album, 2014’s ‘Hantse Guahse’; it seems to have a Stone Roses vibes to it. What’s the story behind this track? 

It’s great that you asked this question because we were talking about it at our last practice session! ‘Licancabur’ is basically a jam that we thought would fit well in the middle of our LP, almost like an interlude. The fun part of this song is that we wrote it  after a fight in the studio and while no-one was looking our talking to each other. Definitely the most awkward jam we’ve had! Sometimes band drama can be productive!

You’ll be performing live in the flesh at Six d.o.g.s on the 28th of May. What can those who make it down to Athens expect from your set? 

We cannot wait for that show. It’s our first headline show in Athens in quite a while so for anybody who is coming they can expect a longer set and a good mix from our complete discography.

What’s next for Circassian? Can fans expect a new full-length hot on the heels of this EP? 

We plan to play as many shows as possible in support of  ‘Quadrivium’ and try to go to places we haven’t been yet. As for a new full-length, we have already started working on it and hopefully it will be out some time in 2018.

Photo credits: Serafeim Sakellariou

Sarah Medeiros