Tonite May 27th a live hardcore/metal/crust event at Ypoga K94, not to be missed:

Hexis (hardcore/black metal, Denmark)

Hexis is a band from Copenhagen, Denmark, playing a mix of Hardcore and doomy black metal. The band has existed since 2010, but has already played almost 300 shows in The US, Canada, Japan, Cuba, Island, Russia, the UK and all-over Europe.

Telos (Blackened Mathcore, Denmark)

4-piece blackened mathcore band from Copenhagen.

Almost Equal (Hardcore, Germany)

Antifascist Veg(etari)an Hardcorepunk

 Dead On Parole (Metalcrust/punk, Greece)


Start: 20.30

Support via “the box”. Expenses will go for the ‘space’ maintenance.

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