Their debut album is almost ready. Part of their description about their music reads: “..Drive-ins and other cult sceneries in our minds, in order to be shared with everyone who is determined to refuse to become a stupid robot”. And, they are playing tomorrow at ILION Plus along with The BuzzDealers and Supersoul. Step in…

Who are 7-Odds? A quintet by monikers such as “the Crooks”, “Cool Gadgets” & “Sunset Of Ra”, and “The Devil” as manager? 

Actually, the devil just runs around in the studio, in a t-shirt that reads “7-Odds made me do it!”, fetching us drinks and snacks!! The idea popped in Nick’s mind (Cool Gadgets) some years ago. After some member changes and still looking for the perfect lineup, he asked Panos from Sunset Of Ra, Marios from Cool Gadgets as well and Alex from The Crooks to join, who proposed George (also from The Crooks) as the vocalist and the band felt tight and instantly connected.

Your debut album is apparently ready, reading your latest Facebook posts! How long did it take you to complete, and above all provide us with some info about it (credits, release date, etc..)

We are so excited! The recording sessions are about to end and we are very optimistic about the final “product”. As on our EP ‘People Wanna See’, the tracks were recorded live in Matrix Studio with the valuable help and knowledge of Dimitris Misirlis and George Koltsiou, who also produced the album. A team that wins is a team to keep! There is no scheduled release date, that’s something that doesn’t bother us yet. With the guys of FrontYard agreed on taking our time, so that everyone’s work should be focused on quality, but expect a big party when the record is out!

On March 2nd you are about to perform at ILION Plus, along with Supersoul and The BuzzDealers. Excited? Please discuss…

There’s not much to say, just come over! Seriously, there are great bands that need to be heard and it’s great that nowadays various venues open their doors to other acts that were characterized as more alternative or underground. And it’s great to see even more people believing and trying to manage and support all this. So, yes, we can’t wait for March 2nd!

“..Drive-ins and other cult sceneries in our minds, in order to be shared with everyone who is determined to refuse to become a stupid robot.” This is one part of your description about your music. What about drive-ins, and what kind of cult sceneries? Would you like to throw some light in this mystery?

Think of the drive-in cinemas, think of the flicks that used to show, think of all the teenage sex, alcohol, drug abuse, hamburgers and who knows what else inside the parked cars, the darkness, the zombies on the screen, the girl that orgasms, the girl that gets her head cleaned off… There’s no mystery, just a lot of things for everyone to feel.

Theremin and organ play significant roles in your music. Which players have influenced you regarding these instruments?

The influence lies more on the music decades of the 60’s and 70’s rather than some notable players –but sure there are favorites. Electronic sounds were a big feature on the cultures of these times and it’s something that’s still evolving. Both of these reasons made the keyboards and the theremin to seem like a pretty obvious addition to our sound from the first place. Stay tuned as you are about to listen to another electronic instrument on a track of our forthcoming album!

Serving the garage punk genre in 2017! Are there any local genre bands that we should pay attention to? What would you say to all of those who consider your music outdated, apart from the middle-finger reaction?

Definitely not the middle finger reaction! Your opinion is your opinion and come on, let’s face it, rock and roll is outdated. What matters is what makes you happy, why and how much as to keep it going! Of course there are bands worth paying attention to. There always were. You just have to look around by yourself and you’ll find your “next big thing”!

How did the cooperation with FrontYard emerge? Are you going to release your album via this label?

Yes, FrontYard is responsible for this record as well as our previous EP. We like the guys, the guys like us (hopefully!), our first release went well, so when we felt ready to dig some grooves again they were there for us!

Close this one the way you wish…

Do what you want! (and then tell them “7-Odds made me do it!”).

Christos Doukakis