They are fresh, promising and they are cleverly called The BuzzDealers. They also play rock n roll mixed with blues and psychedelic elements. They are also sharing the ILION Plus’ stage tomorrow with Supersoul and 7-Odds. On this occasion, we sat down with the band and had a wonderful chat. There it is…

Please introduce The BuzzDealers to lastdaydeaf.com readers. Any interesting story behind your name?
We are The BuzzDealers from Athens Greece and we play Rock n Roll with a bluesy and psychedelic touch. At the beginning we were looking for a cool and fitting name to our music so ‘The BuzzDealers’ seemed to us the proper choice.

Your sound is a blend of psychedelic, blues and garage music. Which bands/artists have defined your art so far?  

Oh it’s a long list but I can mention for you some of them. The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, The Sonics, All Them Witches, The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Kaleo, Funkadelic, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Gary Clark Jr...  As you can see the list is full of different offshoots of rock music.

On March 2nd you are about to perform at ILION Plus, along with Supersoul and 7-Odds. What should we expect from this live gig from you?

It’s the first live of 2017 and with two great bands. The lineup of this gig is remarkable! In other news, we’re gonna play 2 or 3 new songs for the first time and we expect to convey our vibe to the audience!


Have to congratulate you on managing to finish in the 2nd place at the Red FM 96.3 contest behind The Last International Playboys. Did you expect this at all then? How was the experience like?

Thank you! It is very crucial for our music to be recognized by individuals of rock industry and it is going to be a memorable experience for us. Red FM Live is a well-organized event and we hope to continue the effort for giving the opportunity to new bands to spread their music.   On this occasion we have to say that music is not a competition and the only award that is vital is the acknowledgement from the audience and the people who love the kind of music we play.

While listening to your music for writing this interview, I got stuck on ‘Midnight Doubts’ on your Soundcloud page. A bluesy, psych journey not to be missed! Would you like to share some words about this song?

Midnight Doubts’ is a personal love song. The lyrics were written on a train after a breakup and as you noticed the bluesy-psychedelic sound keep pace with the lyrics. So the outcome is an emotional song that most of our fans distinguished from the first hearing.

Checking your social media pages, and especially your Facebook, I discovered that you are chasing it a lot to establish the band. Schoolwave, Red FM contest, Backyard Festival just to name a few. Do you believe that such exposure will help you become more recognizable and spread your art? What about the hype? Not afraid of this?

There’s no hype to afraid of… Our goal is to disseminate our music and to keep creating and shaping our feelings with music. Definitely in our days, pages like Facebook or Bandcamp are at least helpful for bands like us to achieve these goals. We are the lazy generation of Internet so it is much easier for everyone to keep being informed about our next moves or gigs.


How difficult is these so-called “crisis years” to find venues to perform, rehearse and in general create? Would you try your luck outside Greek borders in the near future?

Rock n roll is an expensive hobby (or extreme sport) so in ‘crisis years’ it seems even harder from the economic perspective to make your plans feasible. But there is always a bright side. Attendance in live rock events and activities has increased significantly and entertainment habits have changed too. More and more ‘trust’ Greek bands and many of them are touring in Europe successfully.  It is not accidental that the Rock scene has grown a lot in these years. Maybe the adverse situations that we’re going through have been playing a major part in arousing the creativity of artists, especially the younger ones. We hope to try our luck outside Greece borders as soon as it is possible. But firstly we know that we have to work hard and never to rest on ours’ laurels in the future.

Since you are pretty young and fresh, it’s pretty unavoidable to ask about your future plans…

Recording our first full length album, participate in festivals and of course touring! Now it’s the beginning of our dreams.

Christos Doukakis