Heavy blues and rock n roll! Supersoul are appearing at ILION Plus (Thursday, March 2nd) along with 7-Odds & The BuzzDealers to present their debut LP ‘Faith Bender’. Newcomers, but with a really solid sound, Supersoul provided us with answers to our queries, in an interview you should find interesting and informative…

So let’s show some good manners and let you introduce Supersoul to our readers before proceeding to the ‘main course’…

Greetings Christos and people of the Internet. This is Supersoul, a heavy blues-rock (as we enjoy to say) trio from Athens, Greece. If you happen to be on one of our shows, you’ll see and listen to Rami playing the guitar and sing, Rusty playing the bass and sing as well and Evan playing the drums.

On March 2nd you are about to perform at ILION Plus, along with The BuzzDealers and 7-Odds. A really cool triple bill! What are you going to present to the audience that night?

Well we have been working on our debut album for quite sometime and thankfully the recording process was a big boost for us to stabilize and practice our songs. So our guess is that it will be our best representation of our first album ‘Faith Bender’.

Your music is real heavy blast of blues & rock n roll. Which bands have influenced you mostly then?

To be honest, we haven’t had any bands influence the style of music but instead we have been influenced by genres and movements. Some of these genres are –obviously- blues, rock and some super dancy pop eras.

Would you like to share a few talks about your debut album ‘Faith Bender’? Are you satisfied with the result?

We are still currently working on it. Up until today it has been a joyful process due to the fact that we have had some really wonderful people get involved with the recordings. As we said, we have been working on it for quite sometime and we already feel satisfied with how the material blends and exchanges through the tracklist.

Apart from Supersoul you are also involved with other projects. How can you combine these and why don’t you prefer concentrate on one project?

Supersoul is a product of three people stepping on each other’s space of influence and trying to form something common. It’s not about musical taste, it’s more about the people you pick to challenge you in order to become a better musician and a person as well. It’s like saying, “Hey dude, you already have 2 friends, why do you need 2 more?” Everyone brings something unique to the equation.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that Nightstalker are among your local heroes. One can easily detect their influence on your music. Please discuss..

Even though we don’t see our sound coming close to the one of Nightstalker, they are a huge inspiration to our way of seeing and doing things when it comes to being in a band. They have been going strong for the past 30+ years, sparking the plug for an entire (and maybe 2 entire) generations to play loud. We thank them and applaud them for that.

How would you describe in a few words the Greek DIY scene? What should improve?

Blooming. That’s the best word to describe the Greek scene. The Greek scene is blooming rapidly. We won’t focus on the DIY side of things cuz saying that “DIY is blooming” would be a crazy contradiction, all music scenes that revolve around people coming together to create are blooming. It’s wonderful we get to be a part of this at this time around.

Which are Supersoul’s plans for 2017?

Get challenged, put our record out, play shows, stay troubled.

Thank you Christos and!

Christos Doukakis