VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!


‘Song Of Joy’ is the closing dark rock opus from French band BLC MIRROR CLB’s recently released 5-track EP ‘We Are The Ghosts _part2’. Prepare yourselves for powerhouse female vocals, a gritty bass line, and anthemic, dark melodies that will directly seep into your soul. Great stuff!  

Tim Barr – Secrets

Newburgh NY singer-songwriter Tim Barr recently gifted us with his second song off of his new EP ‘Son of Swords’, a melodious, shoegaze-y, indie rock treat with well balanced vocals unleashing an immense amount of emotion, bringing in mind 90s era brit pop-rock bands like Mansun. Beauty!

Råhypnos – Angels

‘Angels’ is the opening gem off the 2nd album ‘What Is Real?’ (out via Heptown Records) by the Swedish outfit Råhypnos, a pretty unique blend of acoustic folk with dark indie combined with beautiful vocal harmonies…

The Mercy Stone – Colors

Excellent vocals are genuinely combined with rich chamber pop tapestry, to unleash some of the most angelic and effotless melodies we’ve experienced in 2022. Ladies & Gents, welcome to the unique, eclectic, “fragile” universe of The Mercy Stone!

Jesse D’Kora – out of the blue

Manchester-baed Jesse D’Kora goes emotive with his latest, superb single ‘out of the blues’, with sweet spacious vocals, gentle dream pop soundscapes, delicate melodies and a healthy dose of melancholy we’re just unable to resist! 

Bad Flamingo – I Won’t Let You Die Young

Bad Flamingo is a band we’ve featured quite a few times on LDD, and their most recent single ‘I Won’t Let You Die Young’ couldn’t have been an exception to the rule. Passionate vocals, mystic, spaghetti western atmosphere, and spotless slowcore ethos are among the song’s most exquisite elements. 

Paul Bidault – CANNIBALS

Fans of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and Tom Waits should definitely check out French Paul Bidault’s ‘CANNIBALS’, a highly atmospheric, cabaret stylized gem with strong narration that wil keep you engaged from start to finish. Lovely!

Spirit Travel Plaza – Nothing Matters

One-piece band out of central Florida Spirit Travel Plaza’s ‘Nothing Matters’ is an admirable mix of 90s dream pop, indietronica with gentle finishing touches of psychedelia, that will leave you with a big smile on your face with its remarkable, ethereal outro, that could simply go on forever!

True Body – Jade Green

True Body is a band LDD believes in, having our space for their 9+1 Q&A back in 2020, and we feel more than happy this gang recently got back with another post punk/dark wave banger, and  final single from upcoming EP ‘Temple of Song’ to be released via Funeral Party Records in mid-November. that reminded us a lot of debut-era White Lies!

Feedbag – Blood

A spine-chilling, lo-fi goth debut single by the American project Feedbag will give you the chills with its eerie, haunting atmosphere, and the distinctive, fairy-like vocals sounding like a heavier, or if you prefer darker, Cocteau Twins…. This one sounds straight form the 80s, it’s utterly unique and a must-listen for all the “creatures of the night”…. Out via Cherub Dream Records!

Christos Doukakis